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Forex Steam Ten Review

Forex Steam, is one of my favorite creations. This trading robot is fresh and new with an update built to take profits to a whole new level. I’m proud to have put together this talented development team and today I’ll be telling you everything you need to know.

Just a few months ahead of our astounding ten year anniversary, the Forex robot that continues to grow accounts better than any other software on the market is providing a free update. Let me get started here by telling you what I’ve included in version 10 and what we can expect moving forward:

  • Major Market Updates for 2020 and beyond
  • Trailing Stop optimization for better usage
  • Risk/Reward adjustments
  • Max spread for avoiding bad trades

Current Forex steam members can go to the members area now to download the update for FREE. Non members, I have to tell you, this is a great opportunity, and a seamless way to create passive income.

Forex Steam 10 Review

This Forex steam software is 100% automated. Trader’s can download the system, install it and let it trade for them right out of the box. For more advanced traders, they can quickly optimize and configure the software to trade to their unique specifications.

It’s really quite surreal to me that the Forex steam robot has been successful for almost 10 years now. When this software hit the market I was extremely skeptical about Forex robots and never thought they would work for me. I’m happy to say now that 10 years later Forex steam has hit over $1,000,000.

It’s crazy to look around the Forex robot community and see how many robots have hit the shelves, failed and disappeared. Yet, our team at Forex Steam continues to provide free updates to make sure that the software is profitable for clients and proves to be both trustworthy and reliable in any market condition.


As the software changes, so does the strategy and the techniques to use the software. Many traders now use Forex Steam as a time-restricted scalper, which is proving to be an easy and stable way to grow accounts. While many other systems attempt to over-achieve, Steam is always using a balanced risk profile to keep risk low.

There are many different parameters, all of which can be adjusted and tweaked to make the system fit your trading style. That being said, we prefer the default setup with very few changes.

If low-drawdown is an interest of yours, the EA only opens 1 trade at a time, so the max possible drawdown with default settings is 10%.


While most scalpers rely on very few Forex indicators because they want as many trades as possible, the Forex Steam robot is much more specific. It is not reckless as most scalpers are, as it’s evolved over the years to include many different rules that need to be followed.

Here are a few of the Forex indicators used by the software:

  • Standard Deviation – which helps determine future volatility.
  • ADX Trend Strength – for ensuring the robot trades during ranging market conditions.
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence – utilized to help the robot follow the trend.
  • Stochastic Oscillator – for momentum analysis.
  • Relative Strength Index – used for technical analysis, measuring the magnitude of recent price changes.
  • Williams %R – which is another momentum analysis tool measuring overbought and oversold levels.

With each indicator serving a direct purpose in conjunction with the other indicators, it’s a very complex trading strategy.

The robot also includes different proprietary indicators that have been added throughout the 10 years of development. Most of the proprietary tools are used to deal with small market shifts that happen frequently. The foundation of the Forex Steam approach is built around the core indicators.


Forex Steam also comes with over 30 different parameters that can be adjusted by the client at any time. Most traders refer to these as the settings.

I’m not going to bother going into ever single parameter as they’re all discussed in details on the about page of the Steam website.

It’s just worth knowing that the software can be customized to meet the specific needs of each trader without much difficulty. The most common changes to these settings are in adjusting the max spread feature lower which helps avoiding volatility, and restricting the time the software trades to ranging markets.

Client Feedback

As is the case with any robot, there are going to be detractors, but over 90% of the comments and feedback for Forex Steam is positive. Every once and a while we come across a bad review, and these are generally from traders with little experience or little patience. We have also found many fake negative reviews from affiliate marketers with no trading experience just trying to compete and sell their product instead.

Just take a look at the rankings the Forex Steam clients are providing to see for yourself:

Trustpilot client reviews

There are many Trustpilot reviews showing how happy the average client is with the EA.

This does not mean that every client is happy. In fact, there are complaints about how difficult the software is for new traders, and that there are not enough different set files provided. These are two aspects that have been brought up at recent meetings, and will be resolved.

No robot is perfect, but with the right customization, you can find yourself with a long-term winning machine.

Sitejabber client reviews

Steam is rated incredibly high by it’s clients, and a big part of that is the fast response to all customer support questions. Don’t believe me? Email support yourself and see how helpful they are. By far, the best support in the robot marketplace.

Forex Steam Results

I’ve been very successful thanks to the Forex Steam software and the way it approaches entries is far and above any other software currently on the market. I truly believe that since the development team is so active that this ever-changing strategy will be fruitful for at least another five years.

Here are my Personal Tests running Steam version 10.

Personal Tests:

You will see in my tests here that I focus on the Forex Steam Light version. This is my personal preference because I am a cautious trader that likes to grow accounts steadily over time. The software package also comes with a normal version for no extra charge and there are no upsells.

This active test shows that our accounts are matching up with our clients which gives me the added confidence to deposit more funds on a monthly basis. The software can take a month or two to match up completely as there is a learning process in the software that makes adjustments based on the market, the leverage and the brokerage being used. This is a unique feature that no other robot on the market has been able to replicate (despite trying).

Forex Steam Conclusion

Forex Steam 10 is another move in the right direction.

I recommend this system to all of my readers 100%.

I trusted this robot 10 years ago, and I trust it still to this day. So much so, that we are now completely in control of the operation and using all of our knowledge, resources, coders, analysts and experts to make it better.

You really can’t go wrong with Steam, as it is one of the cheapest options on the market, and the longest running. I have full confidence in the EA, and know for a fact that we will continue to update the software for many years to come.

Forex Steam $117.99
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


A long running favorite of thousands of traders, the Forex Steam robot is known for being cautious and keeping a high win rate. The “light” version of the software is a steady gainer in both MT4 & MT5 with any brokerage.

Comments Rating 4 (2 reviews)


10 years active Proven performance record Multiple EA’s in one package 4 licenses Very low price


Risk reward ratio Untested on additional pairs

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their investment goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hi,
    Please recommend me the great broker which really work the forex steam, and also, what pair is recommended

  2. Still using time restricted and gaining 25-30% per month right now on USDJPY/USDCHF/EURUSD.

    The rest defaults for now.

  3. Charith Jayasanka

    How many currency pairs can I run in one platform??

    • Hi Charith, I will run 2-3 pairs per platform if using time restricted. If not using time restricted, just 1 pair.

      • Hi Admin,
        How many trades per month using forex steam?
        You recommend us to change the lots to earn more? or no need to change?

        • Hi Mil, the amount of trades really depends on the setup and utility. As you get better with the software, I definitely recommending making tweaks to suit your preferences. The main change I prefer is using a tighter max spread to avoid market volatility.

  4. Amazing service with so much to offer.

    I have read hundreds of Forex Steam Reviews, and I know the system like the back of my hand.

    It’s a true winner, and that’s hard to find in this day and age. Every other developer just puts out a new product every few months, but Steam keeps updating, adapting and sticking to it. Very impressed.

  5. Just came across your website today. I am very interested, but I don’t know where to start. Should I try Forex Steam or does Forex Fury perform better? Which one is better for beginners? Also I see some people in the commons talking about different strategies. Is that all learned based on experience or are there any tips or tutorials I can follow to become more knowledgeable? Lol newbie here


    • Hi Brandon, both are great systems that fit the needs of beginners. I recommend simply analyzing both websites and picking the one that rings most true to you. Everything you need will be found in the members area after you sign up.

    • Hi Brandon,
      I am currently using both and they work well. Start with one or the other(maybe Steam because it’s cheaper) using default settings on the main pair they were originally designed for (Steam – EUR/USD Fury – GBP/USD). You can then test other pairs later. You will see your profits rise, at which point you can purchase the other EA you didn’t buy with those profits. Keep risk reasonable(10% is good) and you’ll be fine. I have a “conservative” account that runs just the 2 main pairs and it makes great returns as a set and forget account. The hardest part about this is to not interfere with the EA and to let it run.

  6. Hi FRN Team,

    I am interested in to buy forex steam but i am confuse regarding choosing broker and i want help from your team for choosing broker.

    Which broker account type is suited best for forex steam
    1. Account which have commission with 0 or minimum spread
    2. Or Account which have no commission but average or high spread than above.

    Please guide me regarding this.
    Waiting your kind replay

    • Hi Anees, you really don’t have to worry about a broker until you go live. So, you can test the software on a demo account and see what you prefer. That will make your decision easier for you. Considering the software trades 1 trade at a time, minimum spread would be ideal.

    • Can someone tell me how to set up the trailing stop on the v10

  7. Just reporting my results. This month I have used the below pairs and settings to make 163.93% return on my live account.

    All default settings with retrace on and 10% risk

    • Hi, Alex. All of these pairs on one live account only?

      • Yes all on 1 account. I have actually now reduced my pairs to USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD. I found that AUD/USD and GBP/JPY were not performing as well as the other 4.

        • That’s good to know, thanks.

        • hi alex thanks for earlier reply.
          i am just wondering how do you trade during NEWS.. i couldnot find any NEWS filter in the EA.

          • I have just been letting the EA run through all news. I am asleep for US news mostly anyway. If you are concerned about news you could just look out for interest rate decisions and turn off auto trading an hour before. News hasn’t really affected my results.

        • hi alex thanks
          i am just wondering which broker r u using? and which account…. ecn or std?
          and r u using vps or let your computer run always?
          as you said $200 is small account so what account size do you recon?

          • I am with IC Markets using ECN. You need a broker with good spreads if possible. Yes I use a VPS.

            You can start with $200, that’s fine.

        • Is this setup still producing positive results for you?

    • hi alex
      i just started using the forex steam. i have a deposit of $200. do you recon me to use all 4 currency pairs? and i am using it on default setting. and mm is false.
      please advice me.

      • Hi Gurmeet,
        I would run 4 pairs on demo first and see how it runs. This week it made 20% on default settings. I am not sure how 4 pairs will run with a small account like $200, so it’s good to test.

  8. anthony wengraitis

    So week of the Corona Virus (Feb24) 42 trades, two Retraces and 4 losses. I had the number of trades set to five, with one trade per bar and SL set at 50 across the four pairs listed previously, 90.4%. Each trade suffered a loss at various times, I do not run time restricted.

    On the Forex Steam FB page they mentioned that their EURUSD set to factory defaults suffered its first loss since December. I responded to them and they stated it is set to default and it only traded three times on average a week. If I remember correctly it had made @30 trades in that time frame.

    GBPUSD 9 trades were I list as a Slam Dunk (SD), meaning there was 5 pip travel before it closed, 13, 14, 10 and one at 30.

    EURUSD 2 SD, 8, 7, 15, 30, 16, 11 travel. 1 loss, one retrace to 22 pips.

    AUDUSD 5 SD, 10, 20 pip travel. 1 loss.

    USDCAD 2 SD, 13, 30, 39 pip travel. 1 loss, one retrace to 25 pips.

    The ones that stop lossed had no chance of recovering. the EURUSD took the trade to sell when it was at its lowest point, if I had caught it earlier I would have cancelled it. (I was yelling at it asking what the F it was doing). So that being said after two weeks of picking each trade apart, I am wondering if even 50 pips is too high for a stop loss. If the EA decides that the trade is dead at 40 pips then anything past that is potentially money lost, I am thinking lowering the SL to 45. I get that it needs room to move but at some point risk management needs to step up to the plate and take over.

    Again I am seeing that ten pips is very achievable and lowering the pip reward would just be leaving money on the table. The only one that really struggled is USDCAD, but in context it has been overbought since January and last weeks market sent it to an all time high. I may keep that SL at 50.

    I had it disable till noon today as the market was insane after last week.
    Comments and thoughts are always welcome.

    • Hi, Noob thinking to start with this. Can you tell me like the Recommended settings? there is a mininum of deposit to start ? this work with MT4? i know this is kind off topic but i prefer to get the info from here. in monthly basis, how much do you % profit?

    • Hello,
      What is the best configuration for forexsteam with ICM GMT +3 Without being eur/usd? Thanks

      • The best influence is to reduce your spread setting to 10. It cuts most of the bogus trades out. I am only running EURUSD and USDJPY.

  9. First week on the following pairs: GBPUSD 9 trades – all wins, EURUSD 9 trades – 6 wins 3 SL, USDCAD 10 trades – 7 wins 1 SL 2 Retrace Exit, AUDUSD 13 trades – 12 wins 1 SL. Overall Success 89%

    Setting were factory for NON Time restricted (working Mon through Thursday 24 hours a day) I went through each trade and at 10% risk the nominal pip travel was around 20-24 pips and two times at 30, 31.

    The Retrace Exits went to 45 pips on one occasion and 47 pips on the other before walking back to 12 pips and closing. The Stop Losses were just reversals in market conditions. Unfortunately these SL’s killed the weeks gains. Based on this I think I am going to drop the SL to the 50 point neighborhood. The EA seems to do an excellent job on figuring out entry and if the trade success percentage is in the 90% range then I see no point in risking more than necessary

    • hi tony great to know that , whats ur tp st at and sl set at typically ?

      are you using the pip retrace function for the time restricted pairs or no ?

      • I kept the TP at 10. looking at the trades, as a whole, that number was very achievable on the vast majority of instances and therefore I was just leaving money on the table otherwise. I brought the SL down to 55, because 90 was just wiping out the profits and I noticed that by then the attempts to retrace would have been successful or it was just going to tank anyway. Yes to the retrace option, it has saved money on six instances since I went live two weeks ago.

        I am not doing time restricted option on any pairs at this time. EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD.

  10. hi ever one i just passing buy to say that forex steam is the really deal is very smooth and does what it supost to do i am very happy!

  11. I realize Steam is supposed to trade to market conditions, but “typically” how quickly will it begin to trade. Its been about 24 hours on EUR/USD and nothing.

    Also I have three other pairs running on it with the same account, per Steam support I changed the Magic setting to different numbers. They haven”t traded either.

    Checked the journal and no error messages. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    • Hi Tony, it doesn’t trade Fridays, so you really wouldn’t have had any trades yet. Give it until Wednesday and if you have no trades email support.

      • They responded quickly with the same info. Ran it on Demo with a few tweeks, just to see what it would do across four currencies. Ran 13 with one loss (did a retrace and got out cheap). Currently live with four closed profit, one loss (unfortunately full sl). Five open doing well.

        • Hi Tony,

          Good to know it’s working for you and I’m encouraged as well. Could you please share details on the pairs you’re trading, the settings and performance of each pair?


  12. Hi Guys,

    I am using the time restricted strategy, just wanted to know if the trades are opened and closed within the trading window set in the EA?

    Or, if the trades open in the trading window set in the EA and then are closed only whenever the TP/SL set is reached (Irrespective of the trading time set in the EA)?

  13. Hi All, i just purchase Forex Steam, and testing on DEMO at FXTM and XM broker, anyone using these broker on live account? Please advice share me what is the best setting? Appreciate.

  14. Wondering what peoples thoughts are on trading Monday’s? Do you find there is a higher likelihood of getting a loser on Mondays? Thanks

    • Been running forex steam for almost 4 weeks. So far i have had 2 losses on EUR/USD default settings out of 15 trades.The 2 loosing trades were taken on Mondays. I have also had 3 losses on time restricted settings and all the 3 trades were taken on Mondays too. So far i am happy with trading EUR/USD on default settings. I am still testing the time restricted strategy.

      • Hi, everyone. Just a qucik query on money management. When you say “default settings”, does it mean you leave MM to “true”, which is the default value?

        • Hi Sol. If you leave MM to true then the EA will set the lot size for you based on your account size but if you set it to False then you can choose your own lot size.

          • Thanks, Cliff. What i would like to know is, what setting do people here use on MM, true or false?

  15. Been a while since I’ve commented.

    Here is my latest hot setup.

    Time restricted settings, 1AM to 6AM, on USDJPY and USDCAD.

    This is very consistent.

  16. Hi Guys,
    I’ve recently started using steam. This week I’ve been stuck in a single trade from Monday as it floats around. I was wondering if people changed the max trades setting? Should I be enabling multiple trades to offset this these sort of periods where price moves sideways? Thanks

    • Hi Alex, I usually just let the trades finish on their own. Though, I also run multiple accounts, so if one account is stuck on one trade, the other accounts are still free to trade.

      • Ahh that makes sense! Having other pairs running will naturally offset.

        On another note, has anyone come to a consensus as to whether 90/10 or 60/6 is better long term? They seem to be the most popular from reading this comment section.


        • 90/10 means harder to reach each way, 6/60 is easier. All of them means if you win 11 times but lose 1, you win. So the most important thing is to
          find out few hours in a day with high winning percentage.

  17. Hello,

    I have been using the default and the Asian strategies for 2 months now with great success. I have live MyFXBooks for each of them if anyone is interested in seeing.

    I also feel that we should setup a community forum where we can share all the excellent tests ad successful setups we are all sharing, just in an easier format to access and view.

    I wonder what others think about this idea?


    • I believe Steam is in the process of putting something like this together Rob.

      • Epic! I just need to have a play around with the spread settings to stop the couple of large losses I get on the Asian strategy to make it even more profitable!

        If anyone would be happy to share there successful spread settings on each of the currency pairs I would be very grateful!


    • Hi Rob, I’m interested in seeing your results. I’ve just started and trying to figure out what strategy to use. Thanks

      • Hi Alex, sure thing. Here is a link to my FXBook Results if thats allowed:

        The Asian and the Default account have been running for 8 weeks now and the returns are superb! I am aiming for 15% return per month ideally.

        The only thing i would like to iron out are those odd large loss trades, which I have been told by playing with the max spread settings should help.


        • Great results Rob. I’m not sure you can avoid those 10% losses, they are just part of the game. Getting double figure monthly returns is incredible though. Well done.

        • Also, I looked at your trade history and noticed that 3/5 losses were taken on Monday or Friday. Perhaps try running time restricted Tues-Thurs instead.

          • Hi Alex, yes the results are very impressive. My aim is to ideally achieve 15% growth per month. I’m going live in January 2020 with both the default and the Asian time restricted strategies.

            I didn’t have much luck with experimenting with the spreads so I think I will just accept those losses as you suggested.

            Almost 100% growth in 8 weeks is amazing!

            Let’s hope they setup a forum soon so we can all share our ideas and strategies more easily!


        • Hi Robert, impressive results! Can you share your settings?

        • Hi Robert,
          nice results. What ist your risk setting and SL/TP for the given myfxbook Link?


          • Hi Enrique / Stephan,

            I’m using the Asian time restricted settings with a T/P of 8 and S/L 60.

            Keep us posted with your trading results!

        • Hi Rob – thanks for sharing your results. A couple of questions:
          Can you share your settings?
          It looks like your trading multiple pairs, how did you set that up to one account?

        • I noticed you have a live account – time restriction. Would it be ok to share your time restrictions strategies?

          • Hi Rabind,

            I have not yet started trading with my live account. I am in the middle of testing some BE settings before I go live.

            I did indeed setup multiple pairs on the one account, I tend to run 3-4 pairs per MT4 instance.


    • Just started. I like the Forum Idea.

  18. I used restricted time setting so far it is profitable,
    EURUSD,AUDUSD,USDJPY,USDCAD,GPBJPY with 60SL and 5TP with no losses … 1:00-8:00 restricted time.

  19. Started using the new time restricted strategy recently, and it’s quite effective.

    23% gain in my first month on EURUSD & USDJPY with this strategy.

  20. Hello! I released a demo account with three pairs on a 5 minute schedule, but for 1 month I have no deal. Why so! Everything is as it should be! the smile is there, ecn-1, risk-10

  21. Hi, I have a question just for curiosity, with a 100e account I can use this robot, thanks.

  22. Can someone explain me what the pip retrace option is? Regards.

    • Please see the Forex Steam “About Us” page. It explains the feature in detail.

      • Hi forex steam. I want to ask about the screenshot you gave to us. Are you using 1k usd deposit account with starting 0.3 lot per trade? And from 22/11/2012-29/11/2012 you got 12 trades. And its around 360+ usd profit. So the question from me. Can i follow the lot size like that if i deposit 1k usd? And what is the best setting for the ea? And how about my risk?

  23. Made research on Fxopen and most of the reviews are negative. Any advice?

  24. Correction: I have a question, since Tickmill ECN has lower spread than Fxopen ECN, will Forex Steam EA perform better? Please need advice, thanks in advance.

  25. Hi, does Forex Steam have a Telegram channel where we can chat about settings etc…?

  26. Awesome EA!

    You should charge more.. but don’t 😉

  27. Hello, what happened to your ? Did they shut down the site ?


    • Just looks like MT4live is down / experiencing server issues. I think saying they shut down the site is a leap. I figure I’ll give it a few days and if nothing happens I’ll try to email them.

    • 4 days no trading execution is really frustrating. what is happening?

      • You should check for errors, email support, and run more accounts. Also, the EA doesn’t trade Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

        • Hello, I am looking to purchase an EA as my current job does not permit me the time to focus on manual trades. Seeing this much positivity about Steam, I am curious as to why it does not trade Fridays? Do you know the answer? Many thanks.

      • Monday 19th August, 209: Warning of potential volatility

        12:00 (GMT) – EUR – Inflation Final

    • Hi there,

      as a price action and news trader, I became interested in forex steam by chance yesterday. So I installed the EA and let it run on a Demo account for the last 24 hours. There wasn‘t a trade yet. Since there are No Updates on the forex steam website for more than a week, I want to ask if there were any trades since yesterday, just to confirm that I set it up right. I still can‘t belive the results, but I‘m gonna see myself over the next couple of weeks.

      • Hi Lukas, been a slow week but that doesn’t mean you can’t have trades. You should use all 4 licenses, setup 4 demos, and use 3 of those licenses on time restricted settings. Test different approaches on demo, and find what works best for you.

        • Hi,

          after 3 days 24/7 with 2 licenses on IC Markets and Darwinex

          Default Strategy:


          Time Restricted:


          Still not a single Trade. Is August just calm or did I make a mistake setting up the EA with MT4?

  28. Has anyone tested the time strategy on V10. Can you share your result

  29. After testing several time, i found out that
    1)Setting of EA is more important than profit, because any wrong setting will make the profit gone
    2)Dont ever make trade by self, think about risk . It can double the loses if i make wrong trade
    3)Better avoid big economic event, FED rate by close EA even more than one day , if not what EA make the trade wrong will make difficult to recover.

    that’s what i noticed and i will be better in future.

  30. Hi, in 2 days I took 2 losses on eur-usd with the default settings. Can you explain why?

    • Hi Daniel, yes there was a major FED cut announcement, so we just avoided trading / shifted to our other strategies. This would be a great time to use your time restricted accounts instead. There are thousands of ways to use Steam, definitely read the Steam blog and weigh your options.

      • After backtesting default EURUSD settings, it appears that FS gets shut off during and after major (RED) news events? When does it get turned back on? After the EUR or USD session ends? What would you do if it’s in a trade when the major news event hits?

        • Hi Braden, I keep tracking of major news events. A quick check on Forex Factory in the morning takes less than 60 seconds and lets me know if I should turn my EA’s off for the day or not. It’s rare, but if you play a safe strategy, it will help avoid bad market conditions.

  31. A minor revision on the Asian strategy has yielded the following results over the past 4 months:

    65 trades, no losses, 199% return on the account (almost triple).

    Simply adjust the trading times to 2300-0000 GMT, with the following basket:
    EURUSD 15/6
    AUDUSD 75/6
    GBPJPY 60/6
    USDCAD 60/6
    USDJPY 60/6

    Note: the above is for V9. I have just started testing of V10 and will post back when I have sufficient results.


  32. Hi Admin,
    On Thursday 23:30 is the Fed interest rate decision. Do you stop the ea for this day? thanks for your reply

  33. Hello All! Just downloaded FS V10 today. It did win two initially, but I just added the major pairs, and let it go with default settings. I am writing this comment to bounce some ideas out their so we can all be better with this system.

    The account that it is running on seems to have great streaks with just EUR/USD on default. It seems that EUR/USD is best traded with default settings, and all the others are best traded with the time restrictive strategy. Can anyone confirm this?

    With the restrictive time strategy, according to the FS post, SL of 60 and TP of 6. However, with pip retrace set to false, wouldn’t that destroy your chances of being profitable? An SL of 60 would wipe out ten winning trades. Maybe a 60 SL is just room for the market to reset itself. Why an SL so high with small TP? Or would a Pipretrace limit these losses? Does anyone have success with a pip retrace on this strategy?

    I am in the United States and can’t get access to IC Markets. They seem to have the best spreads around. Is anyone from the US and what broker would be best? Hugosway robbed me $120 on a 5.00 lot demo today, with spreads of 1.5ish and commissions of $5 per lot. It seems that in the US we can either have smaller spreads with commission or huge spreads without commission. I am guessing lower spreads with some commission is best?

    Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, everyone for the support!

    • Hi Braden, I would test the brokers on demo with Steam to see which you prefer. In terms of settings / trading approaches, I prefer EURUSD only on defaults, and then playing with other pairs on time restricted. In terms of the risk reward ratio, it’s normal. The risk reward ratio is in line with all scalping strategies like the one employed in the light version.

    • You will always have to pay high commission for low/no spreads.

      Take my advice and don’t be stingy with this: accept the commissions as the price of doing business and simply forget about it.

      The Asian strategy works best with tight spreads.

      • Hi Paul,

        Could i ask what spread settings you currently use for your Asian strategy pairs?

        I installed a spread indicator on my MT4 platform and adjusted the spread accordingly but I didn’t get any trades for over a week.

        I knew something was not right as the 5 pairs I am currently trading usually produces 2-3 trades per day.


    • I use traders way. They accept US customers. They are based in Dominca. Make sure to open a Ecn account. They have low spreads. They have up to 1000 leverage. You can buy a mini lot for $10 or a standard lot for $100. I’ve had good luck with them.

  34. Hello admin, I just got steam, I wanted to know if you leave me on true or you use your own lot size? Do you also switch off the robot before major events or leave as is?


  35. Asian session and Steam are best buddies , fellows try them you wont regret. today opened 4 trades all were winners. SL 60 and TP 6, retrace exit false , been testing the strategy for a while , im certain its working…..Im from South Africa ,trading from 00:00 until 6am and using South African broker. Steam was not responding with my trusted broker Pepperstone ..Thanks to Kelvin i think he is the one who came with the strategy in 2017


  36. Hi all,
    Been using v10 for 2 weeks now, things is going smooth.
    Just curious how the holiday filter works? By turning it on, do I need to update the file “bank_holiday.csv”?

    Those that using default setting, do you turn off the EA before 4th of July (US national day) when trading EURUSD (or any upcoming relevant holiday)? Please advise, thanks a lot.

  37. Hello,
    A question for all traders who use TIME RESTRICTED STRATEGY . Do you still have good results now ? When was your last loss ? What are the four best pairs please ?

    Sincerely ,

  38. I’ve just started experimenting with FS on multiple pairs. If I’m running the ea on multiple pairs on one account and I have a different magic number for each pair, will it open more than one trade at the same time (on different pairs) if maxtrades is set to 1 on each pair?

  39. pretty new into this, where can i get more info (not bs) about forex, and also can i have 2 tools open for example fury and this software or it will conflict? also apart have the software running and have my pc open is there a work involved? (i am asking this coz first i suck at this and second it will be automated at least this is what i think).

    also can this be done from any part of the world?
    what should be wise investment? (i mean to deposit in an account).
    i believe i have heard that all this happen through a broker or a broker account but they never actually release the win or they make it really hard to take the money or profits out.
    any guidance?

    now i am willing to put the work but if i click on you tube i will get soooo much info and it will be hard to know which info is good and which is there just for the sake of you tuber to get clicks, if there are some good videos to even show where and how to start i would appreciated

    • Hi Jim, the systems do not conflict. The PC does have to be open to run the software. Automated trading can be done in any country around the world. Most traders just start on demo, which is our recommendation too. Trade with fake money for a few weeks, until you grow in confidence, then go live.

      Once you sign up for a system, everything you need is available in the members area in terms of videos, guides etc.

  40. Forex Steam: “we have a 93% win rate”

    Me: * buys it and uses default settings*

    Forex Steam: *loses first 10 trades*

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