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Forex Steam News Filter Addition


As they often do, the team at Forex Steam has released another update.

Arguably the longest winning system in Forex robot history continues to improve and I have all the details, as well as a full video explaining it and it’s most current results.

If you read through you might find a coupon at the bottom.

Forex Steam Video

Please watch this short 7 minute video all that you need to know about this new update.

So the video really covers it all but I will discuss now some of the things I covered in the video. First, I will go over the addition of the news filter.

This filter monitors medium and high impact news events and stops the EA from trading 30 minutes before and then resumes trading 30 minutes after. This feature can be customized by the trader to any amount of time before and after depending on preference. The filter uses data provided by  looking at news specific to the pairs being traded at the time. I will show you a screen shot of the calendar below.

forex factory news filter sample
Here you can see the times of daily news events avoided by Steam.

You can see the pair we are using here is the EUR/USD and thus the only news events monitored are for these pairs. The orange are medium, and the red are high impact. I believe it is best that both of these are monitored to avoid any potential losses and this is exactly what the purpose of the filter is.

At this point now, using the filter, there has been 23 straight wins. Now, I am not guaranteeing this type of success but it is no coincidence that the news filter has had this positive impact as it is an element that I have been telling the Steam staff to add for some time.

So it is safe to say here at Forex Robot Nation we are very happy about this latest update and hope for continued success with the light version.

Forex Steam Review Conclusion

Well this is one product I can say that I DO recommend.

I fully support the use of this product and believe in the development team and excellent support staff.

I will also be providing a 10% coupon for the next few weeks, so make sure to use this when you buy.

Steam 10% Coupon: FRN-8WX3-FRN

Try Forex Steam

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  1. Version 6 has an outstanding performance. I manage to get 26 out of 28 trades with profit on May. This robot can make money as Forex hacked pro which I used on the same account.

  2. just a quick question,will forex steam work on Icm market Australia ECN broker with 5 digit. But there spread are very low. pls i need help.

  3. hey everyone,

    just curious what brokers do you guys use?

  4. I placed Steam V6 on my charts yesterday 3/5/13 and my settings are TP 20, SL 90, High Med. news 30/30, BE 10/2, trail10/10 and hedge 20. I am in a hedge from a buy and it is close to the 90 SL , but it has made hedge trades all the way down and made profit on 9 out of 10 trades. 3 of the trades were on audusd and all winners. If anybody finds good settings it would be great to see them posted here with results.

  5. Hi guys,

    I have bought the Forex Steam Light last Friday (01/03/2013) and the robot still hasn’t traded. Am I the only one or …

    • forexrobotnation

      Try setting ECN to TRUE or setting ECN to FALSE. Also make sure you have the latest version from the members area. The system is trading actively this week.

    • your not the only one… I have had it for 4 months so far and it hasn’t traded once, I’ve tried with ecn on true, ecn on false, different brokers, different computers, and it still hasn’t placed a trade. Although now i am trying it with FinFX (the recommended broker) and with a 5 digit account with the ecn set to true… fingers crossed.

    • Going well Dan, there was a rough patch on the 24/25th but the team at Steam warned us in the members area so we were able to avoid it.

  6. v6 isn’t trading as well on aud/usd

  7. When you put trade to false on Sunday what does that mean exactly? If you are in CST does that mean no trades Sunday night/Monday morning or just until Sunday until midnight-or are they just using GMT- 0 as a base.

  8. coupon code not valid…: (

  9. Admin, what risk % were you running steam on your initial 1000 deposit for the above mt4live account? It looks like 30%

  10. Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in the US, so really we should not trade as per instructions

  11. Hi Guys, I tried the FFCAL and my times matched up but my broker is in australia with a +2 dst offset (pepperstone). Can someone please advise if I need to change the parameter on verstion 6 even though FFCAL matches? Thanks in advance. 🙂

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