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Forex Steam Light V4 Released

forex steamFinally released Forex Steam Light V4.4 has hit the shelves. Available free for all current members of the Forex Steam program this latest version has been outstanding for me and the Forex Robot Nation users.

Over the last few months Steam was losing a little traction but with expert developers on the case they have put Forex Steam back on the map with V4.4

Website: Forex Steam

Type: Forex Robot ($119.99)

So the new version had added something called TradeBalance technology. This is just an on or off function. In utilizing this the EA does a better job at recognizing the market direction not only for entries but for consistent growth with the use of the retrace feature. This means the EA is even more less likely to hit a full stoploss than it was before. This was one major concern people have had with Forex Steam in the past but it is now addressed.

I have been using V4.4 for a couple weeks during the beta testing of it and have not had a loss yet. I am hoping that this winning streak keeps up and it looks like it will continue with this new strategy and the new balance that comes with the Forex Steam EA.

You can see here the results of the current version of Forex Steam Light.


These developers continue to update their software regularly. I believe that with Forex Robots this may be the only way to truly have success. With markets changing and drastic developments in the world economy daily strategies need to be shaped and constantly monitored. Forex Steam is an EA that is responsible and has recognized that this is the case.

If you have anything you would like to add about Forex Steam please leave a comment below, this system is currently ranked #1 here at Forex Robot Nation.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. So Jonny,

    How have your results been with Steam? Please a honest % of earnings. Thanks

  2. Wow… if it is on the internet it must be all true eh? Stop visiting ForexPeaceArmy. That site is run by a proven scammer.

  3. That was MTROCKET the most unreliable and crappy publishing service that was around. Even I got that default comment when I complained and abandoned their service. I believe everyone gets that default statement when the account is inactive. It is not possible to tamper with published results.

  4. How is one losing trade cleaning out your account balance? That tells you you are risking too much per trade. Sheesh. I don’t believe some people still.

  5. Hi Guys,
    why was this account terminated and who tampered with the statement?????No explanation Admin?

  6. I am still using it on my real account. I make a few tweaks to the settings here and there, been running it strong for about 6 months.

  7. Mariella Scerri

    I am thinking of purchasing and installing Steam Forex Robot – but there seems to be no feedback for the past 4 months… why is this? I am wary.

  8. Ajayii Moses Olawale

    i want to buy forexsteam EA but i always got the below message. Please, help
    “We are sorry, but an error has occurred and the direct cause cannot be
    determined. Please try back later.”

  9. I want to buy this BOT,,can someone please give me some feedback, someone that has been using it for while?

  10. Why no reply or comment after Jan 26?

    Is there any user who has used this on a real account for a decent period and achieved positive results

  11. Hi Admin,
    May I know your setting for forex Steam V4?
    Any idea what are the updates for V4.1?

  12. Im just curious, after putting in Forex Steam reviews into Google most people are saying this one is a complete waste of money, and support is slow or nonexistent. After reading through the comments and review on this site its seem like it is working very well. What gives?

    • Out of users here at FRN, 80%+ are happy with the system. If it is updated regularly and the trader stays up on Steam’s updates then they will be able to have sustained success in the market with this EA. It has proven itself over a year now.

  13. Scalper? Intresting… V4 profiting 12 win and 2 loss at 20 pips only. So far no 90 pips losses yet. Just pray it wont reach 90 pips loss.

  14. I love this ea makes really good profit but yes i had a loss wont trade until you say to.

    Also is there any other versions you r working on ?

    Thanks Merry Christmas

    P.s this program should be on everyones christmas list

  15. Thanks for the advice leave it only running on my demo.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
    Lets make it a pip full year.

  16. thanks Admin
    I’m leaving it running as I want to see how it does over the festive season compared to my other EA’s. Will switch it off when I put it onto my live account.


  17. The steam team emailed saying not to trade the EA over the holidays starting at the beginning of this week and it is also written in their guides.

    Any loss during this period is to be expected.

  18. Had 5 trades so far, 4 winners and one loser. The one loss cleaned my winnings plus added an extra -1740 to my demo account. Hopefully it wont have any furhter loosing trades.

  19. I would suggest stopping now, over the next couple weeks the EA will become overly erratic. Take this time to relax or trade manually.

  20. Purchased the EA had it run on a demo for 5 days, all winners.
    had it on a live acount and had 7 winners and 1 loss. the loss whas 200% of the winning trades so still 5 trades profit.
    What i like to now is when to stop the EA with the holydays coming and when it can start trading again?

  21. Just purchased. See the discount code on the main forex steam review still works for this version. Think I got a 8 dollar discount.
    Testing on FX Open ecn account, will let know how goes. Everyone seems so quite of late.
    A bit early I know but Merry Christmass to all and a Happy New Year.

  22. No losses so far

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