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Forex Stalker – Automated EA System

forex stalkerToday I will be looking at the Forex Stalker a new EA that is starting to get some attention from Forex Traders. I will go over all the details of this system and let you know if it is worth your while.

The hi-tech fully automated system for high-performance forex-trading with low-risk Money Management!

So the Forex Stalker site is kind of crappy, but I don’t use this is a measuring stick for how well a product will perform. I just hope all the time that could have been spent on the web site was actually spent developing the Forex EA.

The EA tries to keep the risk level really low by using money management and picking up sizable trades. In looking at the Forex Stalker results I see a few noteworthy things to tell you guys. At this point in time there are 15 open trades, so this EA opens many multiple trades and can keep these open which can be quite nerve racking.

The system seems to trade many different currency pairs, so the Forex stalker strategy is obviously not one that focuses on a certain pairs trending nature. Another thing that I just noticed, this is obviously time sensitive, is that the robot hasn’t made a trade in over two weeks. I wonder if this means it has stopped or if Forex stalker doesn’t trade that often, because it has traded quite regularly in its history. Maybe it is waiting for the open trades to become profitable before they are closed, this is most likely the case.

If you have any information about Forex Stalker, feel free to leave a comment below and we can discuss this system further. Let me know if you need any help.

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  1. Successfully used the Stalker EA and now use their manage-account service. Very satisfied!! I don’t have to watch for system run and always correct the trading, simply obtain my profit. It’s much much better any banks funds investment (4% pro year is simply ridiculous against 40% monthly)

  2. This is typical EA based on covering of lose positions. But the money management build into the EA is well balanced. Tried it on demo accounts about 2 months, but now is 4rd month I trade on my real account. Trading with this EA must be under my supervision but the same I can say about any other EAs. Promised 48% pro month was reached only twice (in April and June) but my several performance is 41% pro month. I don’t recommend this EA for people who has no knowledge regarding forex-trading. but can recommend it for traders, who understand based forex rules and different brokers settings.

  3. hello Wasya, can you sent me the statement and settings with your monthly profits. i do not believe your words.

  4. hey people who hold this reviews, simply do the same what you do with any others robots on your web-site. 🙂 Just sell this EA like you do it with others, may be you will obtain even more with the system. I’m personally own up to 45% monthly with the Stalker system. All my forex-friends already use the Stalker for his daily trading.

  5. How you can predicate that one system is the same like other? I purchased the markettrader in 2010 and now found this system. These are two different worlds. The Stalker is system with control panel and you can drive and correcting you trading by your rules and market’s understanding. Markettrader was simply fully-automated EA, which worked by his own algorithm and sometimes made performance, sometimes gave draw-downs. The Stalker and Markettrader simply different class systems.

  6. this EA is a scam . do not buy. it is the same as forex-markettrader and they are also dissappeared. you will lose your entire money.

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