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Forex Spam: Saankramer Business Secrets System

Today we are looking at the Saankramer Business Secrets System. This is supposed to be a comprehensive system for learning how to invest in Forex like a king without having to do all the research on your own. Yet, it really doesn’t seem like that’s the case at all.

The sales page for this system is actually just a redirect that pushes us to the FX Childs Play signals page with an affiliate link.

Saankramer Business Secrets System Review

It’s quite obvious that the entire purpose of the Saankramer Business Secrets System is to make a marketer a quick affiliate commission without actually offering anything.

In order to push traffic to the FX Childs Play Signals website the developers focus on Forex spam tactics. They go on different blogs and YouTube videos to leave comments telling traders to search for this system on Google under different aliases claiming to have had a ton of success. Here’s an example of the comment we see frequently.

The sales page that is supposed to give us unique information is merely 294 words. None of which actually teach traders anything at all. If you come across a YouTube video with someone in the comments section telling you they’ve found a secret they can make you thousands of dollars a day, it’s too good to be true.


Saankramer Business Secrets System adds absolutely no value to the Forex market. This is an obvious marketing tactic that the entire purpose is to drive traffic through the developers affiliate link. If you are interested in the FX Childs Play Signals service I recommend you read my review. I left a link above to it.

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