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Forex Solomon Robot | Rita Lasker Review

Forex Solomon Robot | Rita Lasker Review

Looks like Rita is back at it again with another new forex product hitting the market.  Today we will look at the information that we have so far on the Forex Solomon Robot.

EURUSD and GBPUSD Forex Robot with Big Time Results!

There is really not much information on the forex solomon robot just yet but as we get more information we will be adding it to our review.  At this point in time we do have a couple images showing that the results that forex solomon has been able to achieve.

This system has earned over $12,000 in its first 6 week of testing.

Here we can see what forex solomon robot is capable of doing so we are extremely excited about this new robot.  We plan on buying ourselves a copy as soon as it comes out and then starting our testing.  This provider has done very well with the fish forex robot series, forex quattro and more.  Forex solomon is the latest in the line and we have grand expectations.

Please come back from time to time to check in on our review.  If you have any information on forex solomon robot then please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you let us know your experiences with forex solomon robot.

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  1. V2 is working better, but not making a great trading, at this time V2 is 5% positive in nearly one month, which is average.

  2. I got a V2 of this EA today, with MM and trailing stop, they say it has a better algorythm as well.
    Trying it, but the first version was not really working with 13% loss on demo account…

  3. I am done with this one – I was in negative territory from the first trade and after 4 weeks, got my refund at the last minute. Not sure how long it takes to learn, but it is obviously longer than 30 days…….It was a big dissappointment. In Rita’s defense, she offered good support and a prompt refund with no hassle.

  4. I would be careful about trying some of Ritas EAs. I used forex fish for quite a while and it was a good ea for me but it had large drawdowns which is bothersome. Quattro was not good either from what I gather and I know she was having issues with her programmer who I think left. I think Solomon maybe a poor ea going by the comments.
    The best EA for me is FOREX MORNING TRADE. This is a great ea and if you follow the instructions and keep in contact with Marc the owner you will find this a good steady income.
    I am not associated in any way just a satisfied customer. The settings are critical to get correct and all our testing points to a good ea for a long time.
    Bruce NZ

  5. 10K acct down 2.1% in 21 trading days. Not impressed yet.

  6. First week was bad but since 2 weeks, this EA is trading well, it’s in positive on my demo account.Not a big positive, but gaining pips for 2 weeks.
    Starting balance 10k, now 11k430, so seems to learn…
    If this coming week is good, i will give it a try on live account.

  7. I think that all product of Rita Larker are very bad…martingala and risky system.. as fish forex to finally your account will be crash.

  8. Forex Solomon burned 20% of my account last week. Needless to say, it’s fired!

  9. I perfectly agree,
    this week is good for solomon, but can’t say if it’s luck or else…
    It hasn’t gained what it lost last week but giving it a chance last week…

  10. Steam light performs just as advertised. It will trade 2-3 times each day and grab 10 pips each time. Usually 1-2 times a week, it will SL. Set the SL about 35-45, not the default of 90. It is typical to hit a SL and have made it up within 36 hours. In 4 months running it, I have only had one down week and that was only down about 30 pips. It will not make you rich overnight, but it has very predictable and stable results that you would like. I run it and Forex Gold Trader on the same account just those two and nothing else. One grabs 10 pips at a time and the other grabs 6 at a time……The account is doing nicely even after gold’s $80 crash.

    In regards to Solomon, the purpose of this thread here. It seems to be more profitable this week, but they are all weak gains – nothing big. Overall, I am still down – not sure if it is “smarter” or luckier this week.

    I will give it up to the refund period, to show some better results and not willing to throw in the towel yet.

  11. Have similar experiences as DP. Use Fap Turbo/IvyBot and FapUltra. FAPULTRA is a regular jack rabbit with a tendency to latch onto good trades fast. But it needs manual intervention and/or a trailing stop/settings as observed to make it more profitable, as it has an tendencu to blow your account, if you are not looking. Have not tried Steam Light as yet. Does it achieve results as shown.

  12. I bought solomon too, and i perfectly agree with DP.
    Poor trades last week, but i’m running it one more week, won’t wait for the end of refund to see this ea being smart.

  13. Well as trading opened on Sunday evening here, Solomon had a couple of winning trades right away – maybe it learned from its horrible trades of last week. Will keep you informed and keep my fingers crossed.

    I use Steam on a regular live account and have for some time as will as NightFox and Megodroid . Ran Ultra for a while, but it killed my account. If you are around to turn it off when it makes a good run that is a good thing, but saw too many times it run up and then fade away and either breakeven or hit SL – it needs a trailing stop really bad of some type or a better one. Also, noticed it would take a position opposite to Steam almost half the time. So for now, the jury is still out on Solomon……

  14. I am tired of buying and trying eas in this few months. Bought nearly all of them but have to request for refund. Just request for refund from Leo Trader Pro because it fails to make a profit as claimed. For the time being, still keeping FAP Turbo, Megadroid, FAP Ultra and Forex steam.The first three did not doing well lately and I am looking for most reliable eas. I wont buy it untill reading forums like this. Hope those who bought new eas will post some review.

  15. Hi DP,
    Keep us posted of the results. Have you not tried the Forex Steam and/or FapUltra? I feel that we as small traders must get together and survive in the forex jungle. Thanks.

  16. Bought this and started it on a demo a few days ago whe it first came out. Thought I would give Ms. Lasker one last try. Finally turned Quattro off after it lost about 20% over 3 months. So anyway, fired this one up, it has two settings – magic number and risk and goes on the 1 hr increment for GPBUSD and EURUSD. It is supposed to “learn from its” mistakes. Well I am not sure how long it takes to learn – but it made plenty of mistakes in the first couple of days. Using a lot of just 0.1, it lost over $200 in 2 days of trading and made $3. I will continue to run this for another week or two, to see if gets any smarter. My first impression is the “learning” feature is a clever ploy to write off poor performance until the trial period runs out.

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