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Forex Sniper Pro

Let me start the review with a short video I created taking a look at this Forex Sniper Pro indicator set and giving my recommendations.

Here we go, got thousands of words to get out on a bunch of Forex reviews so strap yourself in for the first.

This software comes with two indicators, a color-coded up/down trend and directional indicator as well as a support/resistance level indicator. The developer claims that these “can be used to scalp, day trade or swing trade any Forex pair” which makes this look like a one size fits all solution. I prefer systems that are a little more specific and have been traded using a strategy on one or two pairs on one or two timeframes and I will keep that in mind.

The Forex software costs $94 and it is being sold on the ClickBank payment processor.

Forex Sniper Pro Review

In the video I discuss a couple different elements in regards to this system.

First, the results, it shows how the indicator looks on the chart, how it points out potential trends and how you can use it. However, the sniper doesn’t show a track record of trading so in order for you to trust in this software you would have to believe in the strategy which isn’t explained. There might not be a method for all I know.

I will show you an example of the proof below.

Forex Sniper Pro

Forex Sniper Pro Verdict

I don’t think I am going to pursue this any further. If they gave more information behind the logic or the strategy the indicators follow I would consider changing my mind.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the sniper.

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