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Forex Signals and Invest Review

Forex Signals and Invest is a trade alert provider offering 8 different packages. The packages are either for Forex signals, or a Forex investment program. With both of these systems, the vendor claims to make 4000 pips of profit per month, which is equal to around 80% profit per month for your trading. These numbers are significant time, so it’s important that we analyze their trading approach with a fair amount of skepticism, and question their methods every step of the way.

The creators of the website claim to be a group of 5 professional traders from France and the UK that have over 10 years of experience in the Forex marketplace. None of these traders introduce themselves to us, so it’s hard to verify if this information they are providing is true, or they are just masquerading as professional traders. They feel the advantage of having a group of traders, is that they don’t get emotional, and that every team member must agree on a signal before they send it to their members.

It is unknown where the corporate headquarters is located, but traders can contact support via Whatsapp or Telegram via +447451239270. There is also a contact form located on the website, but Whatsapp is likely your best bet if you want a fast response.


Forex Signals and Invest Review

The Forex Signals and Invest vendor take an interesting approach in offering 2 different types of Forex trading programs. Generally, most vendors in this marketplace focus on one aspect of trading, whether it be Forex robots, Forex indicators, Forex signals or Forex trading courses. In this case, we have multiple aspects to analyze, so let’s get started with the signals first.

Forex Signal Service

In order to utilize the signals, traders need to download either Whatsapp or Telegram, as these apps are the main method of dissemination for the trade alerts. The team posts 4 signals per day in total. These signals are sent at 12pm, 5pm and 10pm GMT. They can be traded with any Forex broker, in any country in the world.

After receiving a trade signal, the client is expected to place the trade immediately. Then, the client is expected to separate take profit but not be stop loss. The Forex Signals and Invest will provide direct information as to when a trader should close the trade manually.

The vendor provides no information about their trading methodology, so we don’t know what type of trading approach to when it comes to the Forex markets. When dealing with the best Forex signal providers, we always want to have some basic insight into why the traders are triggering signals.

Investment Account Service

The Forex Signals and Invest team advertise their investment account service as an introduction to the market for traders that don’t have the knowledge or time to place their own trades. With this program, the vendor claims to trade exclusively with two FCA regulated brokers, and “make around 60% profit a month.”

At the end of every week, the vendor will provide an investment report, and allow traders to withdrawal whenever they would like to.

In order to deposit, traders have to make payments via Neteller, Skrill or Bitcoin.

There is little to no other information provided service, and in our opinion it’s coming across as a little shady. It’s very difficult to recommend this to anyone without knowing more, or seeing some sort of client feedback, which there isn’t any.

Trading Results

There is a trading results page that is supposed to encompass the Forex Signals and Invest trades for both services. Each month, the vendor provides a screenshot of an image in MT4 showing us their trading results for that period. In March 2019, they show us a gain of more than 2500 pips, and in February 2019 a gain of over 2800 pips. As you make your way through all of the trading results, they always show gains of thousands of pips per month. In fact, they don’t show a single loss in any of their trading statements.

So, the vendor is essentially telling us that they haven’t lost a single trade since they started the service. This is a major red flag.

When dealing with results like these, the vendor could easily manipulate them, because they are not verified by third-party source like Myfxbook or FX Blue. Thus, these results really can’t be trusted, and they aren’t exactly realistic either considering they don’t show a single. Even the best traders in the world lose trades.


At this point, it’s very difficult to trust the Forex Signals and Invest team. They provide very little information about their services, and provide trading results that simply can’t be trusted. The best course of action is to wait and see what the community has to say about the service. We see no reason signing up with them as it stands.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Forex Signals and Invest 25£/month
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Forex Signals and Invest is a Forex signal service aiming to make 60% profit per month.

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Multiple services
10 years of trading experience


No strategy insight
No verified results
Potentially deceitful results

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  1. Greetings im an individual investor from South Africa, I started investing with Fx Signals and invest in August last i purchased ani investment package of £100 and they have been so good and loyal to me. Last month i purchased another investment package of £500 so trust me as far as i know for them they are way reliable.

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