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Today I’m looking at Forex Secret Protocol, this product is going to be a big deal. This Forex launch taking place within the next two weeks is going to fill your email inbox with a ton of promotions and marketing hype.

In this Forex robot nation Forex Secret Protocol review I am going to cut through the clutter and provide you with some details. Obviously at this point in the review process the information I have access to is limited. This means of course that if you bookmark this page and come back in the future there will be more information as well as Forex commentary by our team members and community.

Forex Secret Protocol Details

There are a few things for me to discuss here so I will start with the actual product and move on to the developer Toshko Raychev in the next section. This Forex product is be a manual trading strategy with indicators, DVD’s, manuals and a members area.

A manual that will walk you step-by-step letting you understand what to expect from the protocol method.

  • DVD one – an introduction and foundation builder.
  • DVD two – training for the meta-trader four platform.
  • DVD three – a complete breakdown of the system rules and how to use alongside the indicator.
  • DVD four – the secret protocol trading strategy more death.
  • DVD five – examples of live trades.
  • DVD six – an in-depth analysis of the trading strategy as well as live webinars with questions and answers.

The members area with access to update, materials, webinars, videos and anything else Toshko plans to add.

The Forex Secret Protocol educational product will retail for $999 so if you’re low on funds this isn’t for you.

Forex Secret Protocol Video

I think at this point I’m going to make a short video providing you some more details.

I hope the video helped you get a better grasp on what this system has to offer.

Forex Secret Protocol Conclusion

It is very difficult to give a passing or failing grade at this point in time. The product is not released so I can neither say that you should buy it or not.

What I can say is that this is a very expensive product so be sure of your intentions and your commitment before you jump in the water.

That is it for today, check back soon as I update often. Please let me know your thoughts below on the Forex Secret Protocol.

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