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Forex Scalping Strategy: How To Make $1884 In 1 Minute!

I made $1,884 trading poolside daily on vacation with a one-minute Forex scalping strategy. It’s easy and fast, and I will teach you today.

After 100 trades, this one-minute Forex scalping strategy won 427 percent in only five months. That’s why I’m so interested in it, and I will teach you exactly how to use it in this article.

You’ll see my live trades on my verified MyFxbook account using this strategy all week. If I keep winning, I might just stay on vacation for good.


$1884 Per Day Forex Scalping Strategy

I had a live trade on the chart using the strategy, and it only took 11 minutes to hit my profit target using TradingView’s playback function.

Forex scalping strategy example with Patrick Rayn explaining the trade.

I made $3,340 (17.3 pips) on a risk-reward ratio of one-and-a-half to one

You’re probably wondering, what is all this stuff on the chart? Why do I have the CCI indicator? Why and how am I using the super trend indicator?

I’ll show you all of that next, but first, let’s jump into my FX book account.

As in the above image, after using this Forex scalping strategy for one day, I’m up $3,300 in just 11 minutes with 16.7 pips. If you check the advanced statistics, there’s only been one winning trade so far, but I’ll show you all others using this scalping strategy.

Scalping Strategy Rules

For example, we’re going to start with a sell trade, looking for these criteria:

1. Price Below The Super Trend: The first thing to seek is the price below the super trend. The indicator should be red, not green, indicating the price is above (for our buy trades).

2. Check for Pullback: You’ll search for a pullback like this one where the price touches the super trend like you’re seeing but doesn’t close above it. If it closes above, the signal is not good.

3. Overbought Area on the CCI: We must ensure the CCI confirms the pullback. To do this, you’re looking to get an overbought area on a sell trade

4. CCI cross below the 100 level

5. Place trade at a bearish candle lower than the last bullish candle: Set your stop loss above the super trend, and you can use a 1.5 risk-reward ratio.

In the Youtube video shared earlier, you can see that this example goes in my favor and smashes the take profit almost immediately. It gets me my 8.4 pips in just a couple of minutes, and this is a trade that probably could have continued further in my direction.

If you left the sell order open, it would’ve been a much more profitable trade with a risk-reward ratio of six-and-a-half to one. You can do this when using this strategy, but you must be on the ball and watch it closely.

If we did that, with a buy example, we’d just need to reverse all the rules.

We want to see the price above the super trend, then a pullback to it. After that, we want to confirm the trade with the CCI and see it oversold in a buy scenario.

Finally, we want to see it across the -100 line to confirm our trade that we’ll place on the bullish candle above the last bearish one. Simple.

In the example in my video, I placed the stop loss below the super trend and the take profit to 1.56. The trade went in my direction and eventually smashed my take profit.

On this trade, I would’ve banked 21 pips. It could’ve been more if we held it a little bit longer to get ourselves a 2.6 to 1 risk-reward ratio, banking 37 pips in 10-15 minutes

The One-Minute Scalping Installation

Now that you know exactly how the strategy works, I will show you some live trading examples of mine throughout the week to improve your understanding so you can start banking some pips and using them on your trading accounts.

Before that, let’s understand how to install it in the following steps:

1. Set your timeframe to one minute, as it is where I had a lot of success, particularly on the pound-dollar FX pair, but you can trade any pair, crypto, or whatever you want.

2. We need two indicators, so the first to install is the Super Trend + by Electrified on TradingView. I have discussed 7+ proven ones in this article.

3. The second indicator is the Commodity Channel Index (CCI). The only change here is the style. Hence, double-click the CCI to remove the middle band and the background.

We will set a line for the upper band and lower band. The lower one will be green, and the upper band red. Then we’ll make the CCI light blue. It’s really that simple.

Now you have both indicators on your chart. If you miss something, that’s fine. Follow the steps again carefully and share this article with others on social media that might help you. 

If you’re still finding it a bit tasking, check out this much easier strategy shared on my Instagram:

Live Trading Examples with The Forex Scalping Strategy

The whole point of this strategy is to get into and out of trades fast, so I can return to my vacation and spend time with my lovely wife. Hence, let’s look at some examples (screen records in the video).

First Trade (Sell)

The first one is what I’ve already shown, but I didn’t discuss why I took the trade.

We were trading below the super trend, and there was a pullback. I also looked to confirm the signal with the CCI, which was overbought, crossing below the 100-line.

With all conditions favorable, I placed the trade at the bearish candle below the most recent bullish one – an excellent place to enter such positions, as we’ve discussed. I set my 1.5 risk-reward ratios, smashing the take profit for $3,340.

Second Trade (Buy)

I focused on scalping the Pound-Dollar (GBPUSD), and it smashed my take profit.

I won $3,640 with 20 pips on this trade, which was fantastic, but why did I place it?

It’s a buy trade because the price is above the super trend that comes back to test the line. Then we are oversold on the CCI, getting the cross of the -100 line.

It’s a solid trade.

PS: If you are looking for a place to trade, there’s no better broker than Hankotrade. 

Hankotrade is my and the whole community’s favorite broker. I trust it and recommend it to anyone looking to trade full-time. Thus, sign up here to start using this strategy today. 

Third Trade (Buy)

My third trade was the only one I didn’t take on GBPUSD. Instead, I tried the EURUSD.

The price went above the super trend. However, it returned and tested it, so I looked for a buy trade. We were also oversold and crossed the line, looking like an excellent opportunity.

Eventually, this was a terrible trade.

I followed all the rules, but the trade still smashed my stop loss, and I lost it.

The good thing with this strategy is the other trades were 1.5. Hence, I won two opportunities amassing me 3%, and I lost one, losing me 1%.

Therefore, after three trades, I’m still up 2%, and that’s why using a risk-reward ratio like this can be indispensable.

In addition, I’m showing this loss to resound that this strategy (like all others) doesn’t win every trade. I placed the order this week, like in other examples, so I’m still up a few thousand dollars after my third open position.

Fourth Trade (Sell)

The fourth trade with this strategy was my last of the week.

The price went below the super trend and retested but didn’t close above. Then, we had a bearish candle below the most recent bullish candle, confirming it all with the CCI.

We are overbought and crossed the 100 line, so this is a solid sell opportunity based on the strategy.

It went in my direction eventually, smashing my take profit. The solid trade was worth $4,300.

You can see this strategy worked well for me.

Final Results From The One-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy

You can see what happened throughout the week in my live verified, Myfxbook account.

I made $9,225, but after the first day, I was up $3,200. After the second, I was up almost $5,000, and after day three, I was up over $9,000 using this one-minute Forex scalping strategy. 

I took four positions in the three days, winning three out of them for a 75 percent win rate.

I won 100 percent of my shorts and 50 percent of my long trades.

The average trade length is 11 minutes, which is incredible! That’s what you want from a scalping strategy when you’re on vacation because you don’t want to focus on your trading. 

You want to enjoy the rest but still need to make money to fund some of those things you want to do.

Again, the risk-reward ratio on this is excellent because I’m winning $3000, $3500, and $4200, and only losing $1,900.

Hence, even though I only won three out of four trades, I still ended up over $9,200, which is phenomenal.

I genuinely like this Forex scalping strategy.

If you have any questions about it, leave a comment below. I answer as many as I can, and our community is incredible. 

Consider joining my free Telegram group with over 33,000 members. I give my free Forex signals there, or you can consider joining my VIP room.

We’re going for over a year, winning several consecutive months. 

Ensure you watch the Youtube video for a better experience. Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel.

Thanks so much for reading, guys. Much love.

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