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Forex Scalping Strategy for 15 Minute Timeframe

Forex scalping is one of my favorite ways to trade. I like action, I like opportunity and I like to keep my technical analysis sharp. There’s no better way to do that, than scalping on the 15 minute timeframe.

Start by watching my video here, and learn the basics of the best scalping strategy available.


Forex Scalping Strategy Intro

In this video, I’m scalping the Forex markets from this cottage. 

First I’ll show you the cottage, then I’ll show you the strategy. Let’s go.

Come on. Let me take you to the fire pit. Spending a lot of time at the fire pit. This is where I unwind after giving you some winning signals this week.

Come on in. Do you see the little kitchen area, mostly we’re still eating out. We are just going to little town, stuff like that. The area you care most about, this is where the magic happens this week. 

Actually, this is great timing. Here, Come take a look at this trade. This is a by trade. We got in the trade right here and we’re all the way up here. We’re just killing this trade right now. Our take profit is somewhere around 338. So hopefully we’re going to hit that. Obviously you could manually exit that right now, but let’s hit that 338. Get these pips, hopefully make $10,000 while we’re at the cottage here. 

Here’s the living room area. I’ve got some self-promotion obviously on the TV screen, you know, it’s all about Forex Robot Nation

Oh, I didn’t show you. I’ve got the little bar set up right here. So, you know if a trade doesn’t go my way, maybe I make myself a drink. You know what it is? 

That’s the cottage. Now you probably want to see how I made over *** dollars this week. Let me show you some of my Forex scalping trades. 

Forex Scalping Basics

I’m back at my trade station now. So the first thing I’m going to do is show you my scalping strategy, show you my trading results, and then show you exactly how much money I made on a live account while I was supposed to be on vacation. So let’s get started. 

This simple Forex scalping strategy that made me a lot of money at the cottage can be applied anywhere without any indicators. All you have to do is start on the higher timeframe, which is the one hour timeframe in this case. 

And this timeframe, all we’re doing is using it to place our key levels, our support and resistance. And then we are using this to also see the overall trend. 

Once we have the trend, the key levels, we go to our 15 minute timeframe. And on this timeframe, all we’re doing is looking for a correction. Once we have that correction, we have our trading opportunity.

Let’s say we are in an uptrend. We have higher highs and higher lows. In this case, this is what we are looking at on the one hour timeframe. This is an uptrend. Then we’re going to the 15 minute timeframe to look for a correction. 

The correction will look something like this. We want a correction with one leg, two legs. Once we see these two legs, we will create a zone right here. This is exactly where the correction started. Then what we are hoping for is to see this candle close on the other side of our highlighted zone. 

Once this happens, we are setting a pending buy order. So this is going to come back to our highlighted zone and then shoot up for our take profit. In terms of setting the stop loss, You just want a two to one, a three to one. So if our take profits at a key level up here, just set your stop loss somewhere around here, or maybe somewhere around here.

Forex Scalping Trades Day 1

In my first day at the cottage, I took two trades using this scalping strategy. Here are those trades. 

For my first scalp at the cottage. I was looking at the one hour timeframe and saw a clear downtrend. So I was looking for sell opportunities. Then going along with the strategy, I went to the 15 minute timeframe. Now I’m looking for corrections. I’m looking for two legs. As you can see here, we get a correction. The first correction comes right here. This is our first leg and it’s right near my key level. Then we get another correction at the bottom of this key level. So I get my second leg. 

And then we tick the key level right here. Obviously I want the candle to go through it. But in this case, the tick was enough. I was happy with the tick. So at that point, I decided to place a sell. 

The trade went in my direction. We won this trade. It was 2.79 risk reward ratio. So we won 27. 9%. And that made out to about 9.9 pips in this trade. 

In my next scalp at the cottage, you can see I did it on the US dollar Swiss Franc. It was in a clear uptrend. So I was looking for buy opportunities. There is a correction right here where I put my key level. So I go down to the 15 minute timeframe. Now I’m looking at that correction. You can see here, we get this correction right here. And then we get, it comes back a bit, but we get the second leg of the correction right here. And then it closes through the key level. So I know I’m going to place a pending buy order. 

I placed the pending buy order. The trade comes down and then goes right into my buy order. Boom! We take the take profit. This trade was a 2.04% win, good for around 21 pips. And after one day that had me at over $1,750 in profit. 

Forex Scalping Trades Day 2

I should probably skip my third trade. It was a US dollar Japanese Yen. We were in a very strong uptrend and then the trend has shifted. It wasn’t a long downtrend. So normally I wouldn’t be trading this, but I had a trend line here. I was watching the setup, the candle broke through and closed on the other side of my key level. And so I decided if it came back and tick like it did right here, that I would place a pending sell order. This was a solid trade. I ended up banking 21 pips out of it. And I would have got even more if I was at home because I definitely would have let this bad boy ride and got myself much more than 21 pips. 

For the fourth scalping trade, I went back to the proper scalping technique. You can see here on the one hour timeframe, we were in an uptrend. So I was looking for buy opportunities. I went to the five minute timeframe as you can see here. And then I had a key level set based on this right here. And I was also looking at this wick right here. 

You can see based on the first wick we had our first leg here, we had a another leg right here and this was the correction, of course. And then we broke through right here and I decided to hit a buy order. 

I ended up hitting a winner. It was quick. It was only 0.84%, which is not a great win. And honestly, if you’re looking at this key level up here, this is really where I should have put the take profit, but I was, you know, hurrying up. And I think I was canoeing that day, which I’ll just show you right now. 

Forex Scalping Trades Day 3

By the last day of my vacation, I wasn’t following my own scalping strategy very good. I was just starting to piggyback on the trends and some of the past trades. You can see here, I want to trade here earlier. I figured this was going to continue going in a downward direction. I didn’t use a ton of strategy on this. I just wanted to pick up another winner. You can see I grabbed a winner right here. It was a very easy win, nothing significant. It was 2.17%. And the market continued going in that direction. And to this day, it is still going in that direction. Now actually just reversing a little bit here and I did the same thing on the great Britain pound, Swiss Franc, I had a trade on this. You can see it was another one where the market was going in one direction. And then the market started reversing. 

I started to see this downtrend. I just wanted to hit some quick winners here. I didn’t really follow the strategy. I’m sorry about that. I’m going to be doing more strategy videos. I’m going to get better at this, but I just decided to hit a quick winner right here. This was a really good win too. This was 2.07%, which put me in a really good place at the end of the month. So let me tally it all up and show you all of the trades in full detail.


Obviously my time at the cottage was a huge success. I took six scalping trades, ended up with six wins and nearly $6,450. This is a great profit. The only problem is I was only able to show you my true scalping strategy on a couple of these examples. This is why other youtubers back tests, cherry pick, and don’t do live trades the way I do actually showing you real conditions. 

And that’s also the problem with giving yourself one week away at a cottage to show an entire strategy. But don’t worry. I’m going to show you more strategies. I have tons of Forex strategy and crypto strategy videos coming up. I’m doing a test right now. It’s going to be incredible. So thanks for watching. And guys, if you’re interested in getting signals from me, check out my VIP signal group, check out some of the Forex robots on my website. They’re crushing right now and just go out there, make some money. Peace.

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