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Forex Scalping NFP to $8000 (News Trading)

I made $8,000 in 10 minutes. 

I’ll show you how I did it and how you can do it too. 

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This Forex trading strategy is about using the news to win easy scalping trades, not the fun news like Kim and Kanye getting a divorce. But the real news that actually moves price movement, like employment data. 

On the first Friday of every month, the US releases their non-farm payroll. This basically tells us if the US is meeting their expectations. When it comes to employment. If the data is weak, I open some positions against the US dollar. If the data is strong, I do the opposite. 


Forex Scalping (News Trading Strategy)

The first thing I do when using a news trading strategy is come to the Forex factory calendar. That’s where I get all of my news and it’s the easiest place to check the news. 

So what I do is I set the day that I’m trading, it’s just October 8th. And then I go to the filters. I make sure that I have high impact news only. That’s the red button right there. And then I select the currency that I’m trading, which is the US dollar. 

So after I have my filter set, I’m just looking at the news. There are three main news events, but I really only care about the non-farm employment change. This is just how many jobs are being created during this period. And it’s important because it’s an indicator of consumers spending. 

So if we go right here, the data is showing the jobs creation forecast was 490,000 and came in 300,000 less than that, which is showing major weakness, which is why I’m trading against the US dollar today. Now let’s get into the trading.

News Trading Scalping Trade #1

All right, let me show you this first trade using my Forex scalping news trading strategy. Yes, that is a mouthful. You can see here. This is exactly what happened. This was a quick win right here. It took about nine minutes. I won 10.7 pips, $959 from this US dollar Japanese Yen sell. The reason I took this sell is because of the news event happening right here. This is when the employment data is released. So you can pick up all of these pips. 

I didn’t get exactly what I wanted with this trade, but because I’m on the one minute chart, it’s hard to get that order execution really, really quick. 

There are reasons why I’m scalping this, and I’m not day trading this. Because these moves aren’t long term. These are quick moves, right? If we look at the chart right now, you can see that the market actually retraces and actually goes into an uptrend, right? So if we day traded this, we would’ve got stopped out. We would’ve got smashed because we went into this up trend. So that is why I’m scalping it. That’s why I’m going to continue scalping it. Let’s keep this thing rolling.

News Trading Scalping Trade #2

For my second trade, I hit a Euro US dollar win. You can see right here, the market goes in my direction. I hit 7.3 pips and win $730. This is a good trade. You can see it goes in my direction right here. You can see the market move comes from the news event right here, pushing us up and take giving us all of this PIP potential. I don’t get the best risk reward ratio on this one. The problem with the one minute timeframe again is market execution. I should be getting in this trade down here where I really want to get in this trade, but I’m getting in it up here. It’s still good win. It’s still $730. 

After two trades, I’m up $1,600. And I really can’t ask for more. I know these trades aren’t perfect. The risk reward Isn’t perfect, but I’m trading the news and I’m not even using any technical analysis at all. This isn’t how I normally trade, but it doesn’t matter. As long as enough people interpret the news the same way I do and push the market up 10, 15 pips, I can take my profit and then get the hell out of here. I have two trades left. One of them is huge. I really, I can’t wait to show it to you. So let’s jump back in.

News Trading Scalping Trade #3

All right, for my third trade, I’m looking at a US dollar Canadian dollar sell. This is exactly what happened. The trade went in my direction, banged out a win right here. This was 15 pips, $1,184 in profit. And this is a really interesting trade. Obviously, I’m going against the US dollar. That’s what I’ve been doing all day because of the news we’re seeing right here, obviously a great trade. But I actually used a little bit of fundamental analysis confluence and okay, that’s probably a mouthful right there. But what I’m saying is I actually used the Canadian news too. 

So I went back to the Forex factory calendar. I ticked Canadian. I clicked apply filter. Then you can see right here, the Canadian employment change was forecasted at $60,000. They beat that number by a $100,000. So I was thinking, this is all at 8.30. My thinking is, guess what? The US dollar is weak. The Canadian dollar is strong and the market went in our direct, I hit that big win. I got that $1,184. Now let’s roll into the biggest trade of the day. 

News Trading Scalping Trade #4

For my last trade, I had a Gold US dollar banger. I placed a buy trade because of negative correlation. If you don’t know what that means, that means that when the US dollar is strong, gold is weak. When gold is strong, the US dollar is weak. This is negative correlation. This is very, very helpful to know. Sometimes if you’re going to be a gold trader, you should know this. It should be part of your lexicon at the very least. 

So let me go back into the chart and show you what happened with this trade. This is an awesome trade. You can see it just bangs right up into my win right here. I smashed the take profit, that is 495 pips $4,950 baby. That’s how you do it. And so that makes it $8,000 or $7,800 something like that in about 10 minutes, which is absolutely insane. 

Let me go right onto my FX book page. You can see here. This is my account. This is verified. This is a real account. I’m just showing you the day of right now. So you can see verified real. And this is the day of, so on this day, made it 6.74%, 40 lots traded, a profit of $7,823. Now let me scroll down to the actual trades. You can see here, I had the US dollar Canadian dollar that was 15 pips, the 500 Pip gold trade, the seven Pip Euro, US dollar trade, and the 10 pip US dollar Japanese Yen trade. All of these trades took place. Look, nine minutes, eight minutes, seven minutes, five minutes. So I opened all of the trades at 8.30 and they ended five to nine minutes later. 


So I’m not lying. That was not click bait. I made $8,000 in 10 minutes, and this is how I did it. Let me wrap it up for you right now.

You now have complete access to my Forex scalping news trading strategy I use every single month. You saw in this video, I banged four out of four winners. I hit $8,000 in just 10 minutes. And guess what? I didn’t trade the rest of the day. This doesn’t mean that all of a sudden, you should only look at the news and avoid technical analysis. That’s not what I do. Throughout the month, every other single day, every other single week, I’m focused on technical analysis with a little bit of fundamental analysis. So you should do the same.

If you got to the end of the video, you know how this works, go to my Instagram, DM me, tell me how much money I made in this video. I’ll give you free access to my VIP signals. I really don’t have anything else to say. I just want to say, thank you. I love you guys, like, subscribe. I’m out of here. Peace. 

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