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Forex Sakura Robot

forex sakura robotForex Sakura robot is a new Forex robot by Den Murakami, a relatively unknown developer who decided to put together an algorithm that was based on his experience trading. Originally the use this strategy for his manual trading and then turned it into an expert advisor that he is now selling for $98.

I will be providing a review on this new software and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand whether or not this is worth their time.

Forex Sakura Robot Review

The Forex Sakura robot uses three main indicators that act as filters to provide the best potential trades possible. The developers claim to have added a unique news filter which actually looks at historical data and defines which type of news is harmful to the software. This is a new feature that I haven’t seen enough Forex robot before so I’m certainly impressed by this innovation.

The main question though is does the Forex Sakura robot perform well? The developers of this software provide multiple screenshots but they don’t use any tracking service such as MT four live or my FX book. It is hard to fully determine how good these results are when they are just small snapshots of one week at a time.


While the Forex Sakura robot looks to provide some new innovations that I hope to see being included in more expert advisors the results are just not strong enough for me to give a recommendation. With that said I will watch over this system as it continues to develop and hopefully more results come to light. I plan on getting myself a copy of this software and adding its results to my best Forex robot page. If you something you would like to contribute please leave your comments below, I appreciate your feedback on the Forex Sakura robot.

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  1. hello ai live in sweden and sekura is frome russia have spea with them and ther webbsite you can chat trying 7 days free trial then with fxpro england think this is a good broker they only take 49 dollar frome 500 to 3000 dollar account then 149 dollar if bigger accounts

    going to watch the demo trades hope the results are same when ai deposit 500 dollar cind regards sven midholm

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