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Forex Review: EA Devile BO

Today I’m reviewing another EA that’s starting to get more attention in the MQL5 marketplace, EA Devile BO. The strategy is based on price channel breakouts, and works with 4 different pairs on the H1 timeframe. The creators of the system believe that they can grow traders accounts steadily with no risk of a margin call.

The developer of the robot is Ivan Bebikov. Ivan is located in Russia, and currently promotes 8 products on the MQL5 marketplace. To get in touch with support, traders can leave a comment or send Ivan a direct message on his MQL5 author profile.

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EA Devile BO Review

The sales page provides us with very little information about this price channel breakout strategy. We are given all the parameters for the EA Devile BO, but I prefer a more in-depth discussion about the strategy because I like to know what I’m buying.

There are 559 comments, but I’ve gone through the majority of them and they don’t provide extra detail into the strategy either. The majority of this section is just Ivan posting discounts, trading results screenshots and new set files.

This certainly looks like an interesting system, but I would like to know much more before getting anyone excited about it.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $349
  • Strategy: Price Channel Breakout
  • Timeframe: H1

While we are given much information about the strategy, we are told that the software does not use any martingale or grid strategies and that “all trades are protected by stoploss.” The EA’s currently going for $349, but you can always check the comments section to see if Ivan is giving out any current discounts. There is also a free demo and a one month trial the costs $120. Considering the EA costs $350, the trial price is quite odd and should probably be somewhere around $30-$40.

Ivan Bebikov

Ivan has no reputation in the Forex market outside of his products on the MQL5 marketplace. He released his first product in 2016, and has built up to a point where he is at his peak with the EA Devile BO. Here’s a list of the systems I’ve been is currently selling.

  • MartinG EX
  • EA Infiniti
  • ITrading GG
  • ITrading GM
  • ScalpSD
  • BreakeKingStyle
  • ITrading Grow Scalp

The 2nd most popular trading system he provides is the ITrading Grow Scalp which has a discussion of over 400 comments and 10 reviews.

Trading Results

Now let’s get into the EA Devile BO trading results. Ivan provides us with results in the form of back tests and trading signals at MQL5. The back tests don’t really interest me, because back testing in 2017 is a very outdated tactic.

As for the trading results though, we can see different statistics based on different settings packages provided by the creators. Here they have accounts that range from 3% growth all the way up to 222% growth. All of these accounts trade quite differently, so it’s important that you test different settings packages if you are interested in this service, to figure out what works best for you.

Customer Feedback

There are currently 14 reviews which have the software at a total of 3.5/5 stars. The first 5 reviews were all very positive, but since it’s been 6 negative to 3 positive. Here are a the last two comments.


There are certainly some interesting elements provided by the EA Devile BO creators, but I’m left with a lot of questions about how the system works. My hope is that we can start a conversation here, and rely on the experience of current and past clients to get a better understanding.

Thank you for reading my review, and please feel free to see what we have to offer here at Forex Robot Nation.


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