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Forex Profit Matrix

forex profit matrixForex profit matrix is a new trading system by Wesley Govender set to release on August 27 and I thought I would get a head start with my review today. I will let you know if this software has potential and I will also discuss some of the other products that old tree publishing has been releasing recently.

Keep in mind this system is going to be very expensive at $999 as all the other product releases by old tree publishing.


Forex Profit Matrix Video

Old Tree Publishing Review

Let me start by going over the developer of this product and the people behind the launch of this new Forex profit matrix system. Over the past year and a half to two years I have noticed that this product developer has really taken it to the next level. By this I mean of course they are releasing lots of products and getting a great deal of attention.

This is neither a good thing or a bad thing. Old tree publishing has been behind the surefire trading challenge, the Forex Master method by Russ Horn, the rover North Forex system, the rapid results method, Forex crescendo and now Forex profit matrix. They have certainly been busy selling these systems and making lots of money.

I have found in the past that the training is pretty good and generally on point but the systems themselves are not overly impressive. The strategies generally can be found online somewhere else for free but of course what you’re really paying for is the training on how to use them.’

Forex Profit Matrix Review

forex profit matrix manual

Now let me get back to the main system at hand, Forex profit matrix. At this point in time the information on this strategy is limited but I can tell you what they are providing at the $999 purchase price.

The manual – customers will receive a full trading manual that takes you step-by-step through Wesley Govender’s trading strategy so you know exactly how to trade this method.

forex profit matrix dvds

Then there are a bunch of DVDs. The first DVD is just a thank you DVD which sets up a framework for you to understand the basics. The second DVD provides insights into the Forex profit matrix method. The third DVD provides all the system and strategy rules, indicators and disclosure. The fourth DVD goes more into depth, the fifth DVD start to show you live trades and the six DVD is an in-depth analysis of the unique method with extra special indicators and wraps everything up nicely.

Forex profit matrix customers also get access to the lifetime members area where they can receive materials, webinars, videos and software. Along with this comes a 24/7 support guarantee via Skype and email.

Forex Profit Matrix Conclusion

profit matrix promoAs we’re still before launch I cannot give a yes or a no for the Forex profit matrix trading method. I can at this point leaning one way or the other and currently I am leaning towards no just because of the price.

Obviously I will update this review as more information comes to light, if you have something you would like to say about Forex profit matrix, old tree publishing, or the developer Wesley Govender please leave your comments below.

 Forex Profit Matrix

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