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Forex Profit Crusher

forex profit crusherForex profit crusher is a new Forex strategy by James Colins which he claims can be used to earn up to $1500 a day. James believes that with little to no experience his strategy can be used to provide part-time or full-time earnings in the market.

Today my review I will look at some of these claims and decide whether or not the system truly does have what it takes.

Forex Profit Crusher Review

The Forex profit crusher strategy works on the H1 timeframe with the GBPUSD and EURUSD pair. The framework for this system is a meta-trader four indicator which places arrows on your chart to help you follow the method’s buy and sell signals.

The software provides on average one signal per day per pair so you have to be ready to place trades when the opportunities arrive.

Here is an example of what the software looks like when it is placed onto the meta-trader four chart.

forex profit crusher indicator

Here we can see multiple arrows indicating entry points for buy and sell trades.

As a move on I also notice a screenshot of the results. This image shows a trading period from May to the beginning of June but there is no clickable link to actually access this account to prove that Forex profit crusher was used at all. My experience with screenshots of my FX book accounts has never been good so this is certainly a red flag.

forex profit crusher myfxbook

Forex Profit Crusher Conclusion

I am not a big Forex indicator user and that is not going to change with the Forex profit crusher, I will not be recommending this software. There is nothing here that really has me excited or overly intrigued but I do hope to watch the progress of any Forex robot nation users would feel the need to test the system.

If you have anything you would like to add please leave your comments below, thank you for spending the time to read my review.

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  1. I recently acquired a copy of ForexProfitCrusher. The upside is that from the buy & sell wave alerts appearing on the 1 or 4 hour charts, the entry points look very constructive. I note when the wave alerts appear on the chart, they seem to be delayed, once appearing, are visible 5 or 6 price bars behind the current price bar. My broker checked the configurations on the MT4 platform, and confirmed there are no delays in the price feeds via the platform. The most pressing issue….. I had to contact the vendor following the purchase of the software, to obtain further particulars of the Auto-trade alerts, following which I was then required to install an elaborate e-mail sending configuration, coupled with a new free e-mail web based account! My broker queried the authenticity of the SMTP local host 25? The current concern is that I am not obtaining a response from support to my e-mails! It is vital the Auto trade alerts are correctly installed either with an alarm or e-mail alerts, failing which I do wish to sit in front of my computer 24/7. It is my considered opinion, this program has outstanding potential, but until the Auto-trade alert system is resolved and a response from Support is received, I cannot see my way clear to trading with this system! The e-mail address is support@forexprofitcrusher By the way, I have learnt that the vendor developed this system during 2009. I look forward to receiving any constructive comments. Thank you.

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