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Forex Pro Cloner – Trading Software

Forex Pro ClonerForex Pro Cloner – Trading Software

Looking at this new Forex software today, there is a video with some guy explaining how it all works. Something seems off about the guy, seems pretty weird but that won’t get in my way of telling you about the Forex Pro Cloner.

Amazing “Forex Cloning Technology” pulls in 50-200 pips every trading day on autopilot… without EAs or Robots!

This is the Forex pro cloner tagline. Now all we have to do is find out if this is true or not :). On average the system is meant to earn 50-80 pips per day. The system was developed by a man named Jason Adams and it allows you to clone his winning Forex trades on autopilot.

I did find a $1.00 7 day trial for this software so that is a positive. I also found some Forex pro cloner results for you to take a look at below:

forex pro clonerSo this looks like some backtest results so we don’t have anything too sufficient result wise about Forex pro cloner yet. I will try to get us some more results if people are interested in this new Forex software.

If you have any information about Forex pro cloner or John Adams then feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts, questions or concerns. There is really no more information about this software for me to discuss at this point in time. If you want to hear more about Forex pro cloner then just go ahead and watch the video on the official site, if you can put up with the annoying guy talking.

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  1. (kinda late) Update! Got my refund and now the site is closed: Did they reach their max capacity or are they reading these reviews lol

    Happy Trading Folks

  2. Well finally got thru to Plimus asking for a refund and was amazed to get my money back within 7 days from FP Cloner. So all is sorted. Cant beleive how quick it was !!

  3. Ken
    Can you please give us a breakdown on your consistent gains “after three weeks of testing”? PC Extreme better than the Trading Boss or vice versa? On which broker? Live or demo acct? I’m very leery of these type replicating programs, ever since Hybrid Pips hit me with a 55lot losing trade.

  4. @ Bill
    Have you heard back from Support regarding your loss? I’m seeing a consistent gain of 4%-5%/week on PC Extreme & Boss after 3 weeks of testing.

  5. With this and Daily Pip Avalanche, look out for the dirty trix practice of accommodating the upsell click-thru types (like me – looking for the added discounts) by hitting you with recurring charges (either permanent or three month’s worth). It’s hidden behind an innocuous looking link that you have to mouse-over and read carefully. I’ve seen this shady practice three times in the last three weeks. It’s a contract that you can’t get out of (and maybe you won’t notice the ongoing charges being sucked out of your paypal or credit card). That’s what they’re counting on anyway.
    Also noticed the every erratic profits and losses on this one. But at least they are trading. Five days later and can’t get Daily Pip Avalanche to work on any account (took three days to get a licence out of them). Just gives errors……
    Getting refunds thru Plimus is by design a very arduous process involving much back and forth. Can take weeks. Most of the really shady purveyors opt for Plimus because of this “I give up” factor. Clickbank are quite straightforward – but NEVER buy anything off Tal Hermann via either bucketshop.

  6. Yes I purchased this but not the addons. All I can say its a load of junk and is not what it says it is.I am having trouble getting a refund thru Plimus. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?? I have never purchased thru them before for memory. Keeps comming up cant process owing to system maintanice

  7. Hello again, Week two of the Cloner Trading;
    Trading Live I started with my account at2364.00
    Seven trading days later 13/07 Wednesday 0800
    My account now stands at $3431.74 good
    same day 2300 hrs my account stands at $116.00.
    In the end it was placing trades without any stops, result
    total wipeout.
    I have contacted for an answer.
    Wait and see but do Not Use at the moment.

  8. Hello I have just finished trading Forex Pro Cloner .
    It comes in 5 parts,
    Basic Cloner and Advanced Cloner which I used on a Live Platform
    Trading Boss which is an EA , traded on Demo.
    Signal charts the expensive one , I received No Signals
    Results; Extreme Cloner Tue 4 trades lots = 0.1 no losses
    Wed 12 Trades 0.1- 0.4 3 Losses
    Thurs 11 Trades 0.1 – 0.4 9 losses
    Fri 11 Trades 0.1-0.5 6 Losses
    Profit each day = Total $421.20 = + $15% of start Fund
    Trading Boss EA running on Demo for the same period
    Lot size = .03 – .09 much smaller size
    Result = + 6.2% of start fund so by increasing the lot size , the result would be better .
    For a trial run I do believe these two are a good investment.
    What the future holds we can only wait and see.
    I will trade both again next week.

  9. I bought it and it is ONLY an EA…it don’t connect to any human trader! and there was like 8 pages of UP SELLS for clonerExtreme and other JUNK like ForexCloner BOSS and thier Alert?!!!!!!! What the heck!!!!! I feel cheated! Why all this if it is CLONING a REAL TRADER!!!!!!!!!
    Crap i missed the $1 trial!!!!

  10. More of the same…

  11. You’re right, Something does seem weird… I believe that he’s another “actor”! lol
    I guess I didn’t catch the $1 (7 day trial) but did catch the $27/month one. If it works out, at least I save $10. Yayyyyy Sure

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