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Forex Power Tools Review

Today I will be reviewing a new trading system Forex Power Tools by Elizabeth Cullen.

Elizabeth claims to be from popular Forex signals sites but I cant say I’ve heard of her or her Forex Power Tools. So, the product comes with a collection of tools built to make your trading experience easier. These can be purchased from ClickBank for $497, so we aren’t looking at your normal cheap software here.

Lets now take a look at my review video which helps explain the tools and what you can expect from them.

So right now I want to jump right into the Forex tools and what they do. I want to give a little background here but not go too much in depth as I covered the majority of this in the video. So lets get started and take a look.

  • P-Trader Tool

This is the first tool. At first look it offers one click opens and closes and adds this to your chart to make it simpler for you to complete these actions. Then it also allows you to build trend lines based on built in technical analysis. I put a screen shot below.

p trader tool
Here you can see how exactly what the software adds to the chart.
  • P-Book Tool

This part of the software seems useless to me. It really just provides you with what looks like an offline version of myfxbook or mt4live to monitor your trading results.

  • P-Chart Tool

This tool basically adds lines to your past trades so that you can visualize your accuracy or lack their of. I will show a screen shot of this as well.

p chart tool
Visualization of entries and exits.

There are another 4 tools but I am not going to totally bore you here by going over every single one when they are available on the vendor site. I will however mention that the news tool is a good addition, it adds economic events right onto your chart. I usually go to Forex Factory Calendar for this but it would be nice to have on the chart.

There is a spread tool which just measures your spread and helps you hunt for lower spreads. There is stats tool which shows you the results of each currency pair on your chart and lastly a Timer tool which tells you when markets open and close.

So that’s the product fully covered, quite a few different elements and some unique helpful tools mostly for manual traders.

forex power tools

Forex Power Tools Review – Conclusion

Pro’s –

  • Good for manual traders
  • Product does exactly what it shows
  • Simple and understandable

Con’s – 

  • Can be used for automated trading but mostly for manual
  • Some tools don’t provide value
  • Forex Power Tools: $497
  • Forex Power Tools 3 payment: $219

So while the tools look like they can help, they aren’t necessarily game changers. If you are a manual trader and you feel these will help you I am happy to let you purchase these because it is all up front.

That is really all that has to be said for this Forex Robot Nation review so please leave a comment below with your thoughts and keep winning.


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  1. These look impressive but I am not sure if they are worth the price. I think if the price came down I would probably get them just because it would make things more convenient.

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