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Forex PipBot Review

forex-pipbotForex Pipbot is a new automated trading software that’s been built using A.M.E. technology. The software is being brought to us by Ethan Callaway and he believes that his robot is completely different than any other Forex system you have bought on the market today.

This page will act as a review and a place for the community to gather and leave their feedback.

Forex PipBot Review

Ethan tells us that his Forex pipbot is a trading machine with actual results. This is far from the truth. Ethan says “don’t be fooled by the junk Forex robot makers, they have no clue on how to make a Forex system.” Then there is a screen shot of a backtest, when you click on this you can see a back test from 2009.01.26 04:00 – 2009.12.31 18:00. I’m not sure why the developer is telling us that this is live results considering the strategy test is hosted on a web archive and the test is 6 years old. This is far from impressive, and the system only made $1400 in this entire year, it wasn’t even ground breaking. On top of that, there is no myfxbook or mt4live account so we have no idea how this software has performed in the 6 years since this backtest.

I was going to say it’s likely that the Forex pipbot was released years ago but I did a whois of the domain and it was registered on October 8th of this year. It’s a confusing situation. After showing us the simple backtest Ethan introduces himself and tells us that he’s “not some hot shot former bank grader, hedge fund manager or one of those people who sells garbage forex trading systems.” He may believe that but I’m starting to believe that he the latter is true. There’s really nothing else to discuss here, he talks about his AME technology being the future of Forex trading but considering he doesn’t even have a demo account running it’s hard to believe that Ethan would be at the forefront of anything.

I won’t be recommending the Forex Pipbot to the FRN readers today. There’s really nothing substantial on this website at all. I emailed Ethan and told him to put some accounts up so hopefully he takes my advice. Until this software has more recent results I won’t be getting involved. Let me know what you think by writing a comment now.

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