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forex pip fishingNew post looking at Forex Pip Fishing. Haven’t written anything in a few days thought I would take a look at this new Forex robot that is starting to get some attention in the market.

I’ll show you exactly how to catch monster pips all day by following just three rules, whith what is probably the world’s simplest and totally step by step Forex system.

This is the Forex pip fishing tag line. The developer also says that he will prove that the simple system he uses every day is all you will ever need to make money in Forex.

These are certainly nice promises but I would like to see some details or Forex pip fishing results. The show a few different screen shots to try and explain how the system works but they are really quite ambiguous. The Forex pip fishing system is for intraday trading using timeframes from 5 minute to 30 minute.

There is really nothing else to discuss when it comes to Forex pip fishing. If you have any information you would like to add please feel free to leave a comment below. I am not that interested in this system, if you are or if you are using it then convince me to try it out and maybe I will.

That’s it for now, keep making money, much love to the Forex Robot Nation community. As we write more, and develop our community we are glad to those who are involved. All of you who are a part of our newsletter and help us make decisions are important.

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