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Forex Parabolic Breakout System

forex parabolic breakout systemForex Parabolic Breakout System is a new automated trading software that claims to be able to profit huge with every winning trade. The developers claim they have combined strategies of the 18th century Japanese rice traders and Charles Dow. They believe their system achieves an 83.91% win rate.

Today I will be providing a review and letting all you readers get a good understanding of this system and what it has to offer.

Forex Parabolic Breakout System Review

The Forex Parabolic Breakout System’s main claim is that they provide a very high win rate and that it is fully automated without the requirement of analyzing and reading charts. Another element they provide is the manual version of the strategy which I find quite unique and refreshing. When developers provide a Forex robot they rarely ever provide you with the tools to traded manually. This is increasingly rare because you could easily take the strategy they provided and re-create the Forex robot because they’ve given us all the tools to do so. I do not recommend doing this obviously.

forex parabolic breakout system results

As for the results for this hundred and $47 robot there is a graph which I believe represents a eight year back test. There are no real results for the Forex Parabolic Breakout System which is a concern and something we hope is addressed over the next few weeks. The software is new so it is possible that this is something that they are working on right now.

I will not be recommending the Forex Parabolic Breakout System until this information does come to light. I would like to see the results on a live account before I spend $147. That is too much of a price tag for me to just take a gamble. If you something you would like to add to this review please write your comments below. Right now I’m doing a lot of reviews and spending a lot of time in the Forex market so if you’re in need of any advice please feel free to send me an email.

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