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Forex Octopus – Rita Lasker Review

Rita Lasker is back and this time with Forex Octopus, a multi pair trading system with the goal of earning you money in the Forex market. This page is dedicate to our review and all the thoughts and discussions of our users.

Tagline: The software that is much smarter than just an indicator. The system that is more reliable than a plain robot. The product that is more profitable than any other system ever designed by us in the past.

So this Forex Octopus sounds pretty strong. It trades 8 or more currency pairs and was created by popular demand from the Green Forex group members. Let me tell you which are the most profitable pairs for Forex Octopus:

forex octopus
Now let me take a look at the details of the system.

Forex Octopus Information

  • The system can be traded with any currency pair.
  • Sends precise signals that open and close trades.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Works with MT4.
  • Can start trading Forex Octopus from $200 – $300 deposits.

Forex Octopus Conclusion / Results

We currently have not added our results yet but if you want to buy the system go ahead and test it as we do and add to this review with us. We cannot give our full recommendation for Forex Octopus just yet. Here are some of the results provided by Rita Lasker:
forex octopus
 Please give us some time to test this system before you try and purchase it. If you have any further information about Forex Octopus that you would like to add to this review please leave your FRN user comments below. If you have used Rita Lasker products in the past you can even discuss these here. We have had pretty good success with her products, they are generally not account busters but often don’t do much either. Obviously I will add more to this review soon and have the FRN results up for Forex Octopus.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. hi Jack and Everyone else,
    I think lmiddle to long term manual is the way to go, if you can monitor the trades. The question is of time??? So set and forget systems appeal to people and are worth $100 per throw, if they work or there always 30/60 refunds.Right? I have yet to get started on 50 Pips, but was held up as DDFX which was doing well till then on the 4hr chart, went it to drawdown.Does anyone know about the 2 GMT settings on the pivots indicator bar on that one?
    Keeping my fingers crossed Bruce. Cheers.

  2. Hi Bruce
    Glad to hear 50 pips is doing well, might just go ahead and purchase as its cheap. I prefer manual trading but I battle to find free time nowdays. So trying to find a good ea to fill the gaps in my trading hours. Have you tried the LindencourtFX Strategy? Looks like a solid manual system, the few traders I know that use this system have had great success with it.

  3. Hi Aslam cheers for your feedback. I am currently demoing this one but to date havent tried very hard. Been using the 50 pips one with good returns. Done 14 trades this month and 3 losses which have been small. So Im not complaining !!I will post my returns for October and see how I fair up against the mighty robots!! I would like to know more about why people buy eas rather than learning to manual trade which is far more lucrative and less stressful than EAs. Thats just a general question and Im not trying to be smart its just a general question. Lets hope I get some feedback as to why they buy eas.
    Cheers folks

  4. Hi Bruce,
    I have been demoing some of her products without much success.
    But of the lot Lady Fx and Fx Blue Box make occasional small gains of $3/ to $50/-per trade, There is no frequency in their trading, but the drawdown is lesser than some of the other Eas, we know of. Rookie seems to have more experience and a sharper insight as I gather from his comments on FRN.
    See Ya around. Cheers.

  5. My only experience with Rita was about 2 yrs ago when she released Forex Fish which I must admit did do well for about 3 months but as usual with EAs they tend to fall off the end of the planet eventually. Since that EA Rita seems to be sending out all sorts of EAs but have not tried any. Best of luck you guys with Ritas latest monthly EA. Wonder whats in store for November ???

  6. The 3 moving average looks exactly the same from Zeman’s Isakas Kuskus. Rita Lasker just do a little modification. Isakas Kuskus indicator can be download for free.

  7. None of Rita Lasker product is promising. Her product came out like almost every month. There’s no problem to check it out. Once you felt not satisfy simply proceed for refund.

  8. ANyone used this? I tried to buy it and Plimus ? think it was Plimus wouldn’t let me!! Said my details were inconsistent.. contacted Rita, but she didn’t seem too concerned, only got one email back about it. So i haven’t bothered.

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