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Forex Night Vision – Forex Robot

forex night visionOpen your eyes, Forex Night Vision will let you see at night. What is this, a Forex Robot that only trades at night? I am yet to understand this gimmick.

There is really nothing to report at this point in time. It is a Forex product that is being put together by the Trader Ammo group. This team of developers have come up with a few different Forex Robots. I am trying to remember what came before Forex Night Vision but it is slipping my mind.

Oh, I remember now, these are the same people that did Forex Pip Stack. It seemed like it was marketed really well, they really went over and above with this software but it never did pan out. That doesn’t mean that Forex night vision will not pan out but it is something to keep in consideration because there is really nothing else to go on right now.

If you have any information about Forex Night Vision that you would like to add to the review please feel free to do so below. I think there will be more information coming out about this system as it gets closer to launch. I will update my Forex night vision review on this page every time that I hear something.

So keep on winning, keep on trading and don’t forget to look around and come back to see more information on Forex night vision.

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