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Forex Nautilus

forex-nautilusForex Nautilus is a new Forex indicator made in Singapore by Alex Tanuka. This is a manual trading strategy the claims to have made over $15,000 in the past month and it’s being sold for $89 via PayPal.

Today I’ll be providing review and looking at this manual trading system to see if it has anything to offer the Forex robot nation community.

Forex Nautilus Review

Like many strategies in this market the Forex Nautilus indicator is optimized to work for all the main currency pairs with either the M15 or H1 timeframe. This is something that has bothered me in the past and continues to be a pet peeve. I understand that there are a lot of traders in this market that appreciate customization and want to spend a few weeks developing their own strategy to work with an indicator. From my experience, the readers here at Forex robot nation are looking for indicators or robots that already have a unique strategy. Most of my readers don’t want to buy a software and then have to figure out what currency pair and timeframe is best. Personally, I feel this work should be done by the developer before releasing the product.

The developers of the Forex Nautilus software claim that it’s different from other indicators in the market because it uses to discrete filters that ensures the order executions are much more precise. The system will provide trades via email and push notifications. Alex tells us that he is using an advanced visualation protocol which makes it much easier to see the best exit point on the chart. This is supposed to help traders make the right decision.

Today I can’t give my recommendation to the Forex Nautilus software because there is no real track record or defined strategy. As always, when I’m deciding to invest I look for a method that is already predetermined and a long history of trading results. In this case, neither of these are made available. If you have something you would like to add to the review please leave your comments below the article now. I appreciate you coming to Forex robot nation and hope that you spend more time here learning what currently works in this market for my readers and I.

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