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Forex Muscle Robot

forex muscle robot

Forex muscle robot is a new automated trading system that is active during the European and US sessions. The software trades three main pairs and has a few weeks of live testing results available.

Today I will provide an in-depth review with my opinions and thoughts on the potential of this new Forex software.

Forex Muscle Robot Review

At $179 the Forex muscle robot is coming to the market at a fairly high price. I generally like to see robots perform for a couple years before they raise the price so severely. Regardless, let me go over some of the details of this system now.

One feature that I do like about the software is that it only opens one trade per pair at a time. This is great for lowering risk. I’m sure you’ve had robots before open over 10 trades at a time and that can get pretty nerve-racking, trust me I know.

Another feature that I think is strong is the self updating optimize parameters. The developers of Forex muscle robot claim that they have a server which will automatically change your settings to suit current market conditions. I would really like to see this in action, I would like to see some proof of this before believing it.

Here is a screenshot provided that shows the top features that they’ve highlighted.

forex muscle robot top features

The team at Forex muscle also provided a MT4i account showing their current trading results. The results look OK so far but with only two weeks of actual live testing I don’t appreciate that the developers of this Forex muscle robot are charging $179.

Forex Muscle Robot Conclusion

At this point in time I am not going to recommend the Forex muscle robot. Sadly this system will not be getting the Forex robot nation seal of approval at this point in time. My obvious concerns are with the price and the lack of long-term testing.

If you have something you would like to add to the review please leave your comments below, as always I appreciate any thoughts and concerns that you may have.

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One comment

  1. why would they put this page up w/ only 7 days of history?

    …if you look at the trades so far, its doing pretty well. One trade
    at a time, no grid or marty and fixed SL of 100. Much too early to
    tell…but should be fun to watch.

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