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Forex Moon Secret

Rita is back, this time with a new manual trading system, Forex Moon Secret.

The system trades on the H1 timeframe, EUR/USD pair and is compatible with Metatrader 4 on any broker. The Forex Moon Secret strategy does have some explanation which helps us understand exactly what to expect. The manual trading product costs $99 for the first 300 customers and then it will be sold for $199 on the RegNow payment processor.

The tagline: The system that has become a sensation twice, in the scientific circles as well as the world of Forex.

Forex Moon Secret Review Video

Please watch my video review of this new manual trading product as I go over it in full detail.

Now let me go over a few details that I explained in the video now. One of the main points that I discussed was the fact that Rita Lasker has a long history of Forex products. Now, there are quite a few opinions of Rita on both sides of the fence. While I find most are impartial, there are many traders that believe she is a scam artist because she releases products so often and seems to move quickly onto the next release just as fast. I understand these complaints and I do agree that she should be spending more time on her products after release instead of moving onto the next software release.

Secondly, Rita provides some logic behind the strategy. I do appreciate this, she doesn’t provide a full 100% of the strategy obviously but there is some discussion about the base indicators used to create the signals. This come from indicators Rita has created she won’t discuss as well as basic MA, RSI and Stochastic indicators.

Forex Moon Secret Conclusion

My main recommendation here is for traders to wait and see. If you try it leave a comment and if your not sure about trying it then wait and see what the Forex Robot Nation users have to say about it.

So until next time keep on winning.

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