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Forex Montero – Indicator Trading System Review

forex monteroForex Montero – Indicator Trading System Review

So you are looking to make money in forex, maybe looking to download a new indicator.  If this is what you are searching for then you are interested in Forex Montero.

Created by Patrick Maloney, this currency trading indicator can help you move up in the forex market.

This forex professional claims to have 7 years trading experience with and put it all together to create his forex montero.  This is a forex indicator that elevates your trading career, Patrick claims that no matter what your past currency trading has been this will earn you money, bottom line.

Here you can see what type of help the forex montero indicator can give you.

forex monteroThis is not a robot, it is an indicator, the montero will help you eliminate emotions from trading in the forex market.  It will allow you to gain more profit in all market conditions.  The forex trading montero will find your trading opportunities and boost your profits.

This pinpoints exactly when to enter and exit a trade so it is like a forex robot, but you still have to be there to manage the entries and exits.  Forex Montero does not repaint like other indicators on the market either which many forex traders are concerned about.

This is all the information currently available on the forex montero.  A lot of people are happy so far with this manual forex trading method.  If you have any information on the forex montero you would like to leave with us then please leave a comment below with your failures or successes.

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About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hi Bruce,
    i invested in mbfx and montero after reading your post. do u mind sharing your method of combining these 2 systems? pleeease? thanks in advance.

  2. Hello Ral,
    How can I remove the license limit? Would apreciate your help, because I paid for this indicator without time limit, and still no reply from seller. You can send me a message to

  3. I can help you crack it to remove any license limits

  4. Hello,
    I have been using the Forexmontero Indicator for several months. For me one of the best indicators. But now, suddendly my license is not working again. Always the same message: License expired. I tried to contact the support several times, but absolutely no reply. Anybody can help me? Anybody with the same problem?

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for the good tip about forexmontero. I bought the product and started trading, first with H1-timeframe, in my case with this timeframe the results were not good. But than I changed the indicator to H4 and with the longer timeframe the indicator is doing very well. I am happy with the product.

  6. I looked into Forex Geyser and decided to try it. I had hardly got past the first page when they wanted more money for the next part.Boy do I hate that. Then got a speel on some error on the original page and I had to go to another page ahd for $9 I could download it. By this time Id had enough and it all got to messy so I asked for my money back which I have had approved via clickbank. Why cant these promoters just be honest and advise what you are buying beforehand and also get their webpage in order instead of saying they made a mistake and heres a discount. Just another sales pitch Id say. If it is the same guys who sell Montero (which I use) well I think they have let themselves down with the Geyser in the way they have promoted it. Anyway I never got to use it it all got to silly.

  7. Sutan I have your email address so will contact you shortly. I dont know of Forex Geyser
    Stephan Im sure you will get to like the indicator
    I assume Randall did not get the additional indicators (up sales) I never got them at first but emailed them and they sent them within a few hours.
    To date I am still using Montero with good results along with MBFX. I do like these 2 indicators.
    I am not affiliated in anyway to either of the suppliers of the above systems


  9. Reading the good comment from bruce, I bought the system, too. I will inform after 2 or 3 weeks about my results. Question to bruce: The seller of montero offers another system “Forex Geyser”. Do you use this system, too? If yes, how is the experience? Thank you for information

  10. Sutan Morgan - LOVE LLC

    Hey Bruce,
    Thanks for your response. I use MBFX too. I like it a lot. I have not tried Montero, but I will now. I would Love to share results with ya. My email is Thanks


  11. I have been using this system for 2 weeks now and found it to be very good. Would have done 10+ trades and had 90% win so far. It is a low cost indicator and I use it in conjunction with another indicator MBFX which I also think is very good. As I prefer manual trading to EAs (but I do use 2 !!) the 2 systems above do suit my style of trading. I would recommend Montero to others and it is a low cost item. It is registered to your computer and support seems to be good if you need assistance.

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