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Forex Mentor Pro Review

forex mentor proForex Mentor Pro is an inclusive monthly trading program that provides tools, training and video analysis. Right now you can start a one dollar trial for seven days and after that this becomes a membership at $50 a month.

Today I will be taking a closer look and providing a detailed review so that you know whether or not it is worth the monthly charge.

Forex Mentor Pro Review

I mentioned above of a few of the elements included in the Forex Mentor Pro membership program but let me go into further detail now. As a member of this program you gain access to the following:

A collection of proving trading systems and tools that can be used on a daily basis. My assumption is that there are indicators and other Forex software like this. There are daily videos that show trade examples and explain how to use the trading systems moving forward. The Forex Mentor Pro also comes with a private members forum which works as a community to build and develop trust in the Forex market.

forex mentor pro members area

Moving on the Forex Mentor Pro also has full step-by-step video training that explains from the basics to a defense techniques that you will need to succeed with the strategies. The membership also provides ongoing advanced education which includes more videos books tools and tips.

Forex Mentor Pro Details

The Forex Mentor Pro team consists of three traders, Marc Walton, Pierre Du Pless and Omar Eltoukhy. Each of these traders have a history in the Forex market and believe that they are opinions and strategies are the best available.

forex mentor pro team

There are three proven trading systems that these traders lean on the most in the Forex Mentor Pro membership program. The first system is the M1 – M2 trading system which are daytrading and long-term systems the trade in specific periods. The earth and sky trading system which is peer specialty uses the euro index to backup trades and add extra edge into this trading method. The final system is the FTT simple trend trading method which is a unique price action driven trend trading method specifically designed to trade without being stuck in front of your charts for hours.

Forex Mentor Pro conclusion

As someone who is traded for a long time I don’t often use membership programs like this but the Forex Mentor Pro is very well put together. I am not going to give it an official recommendation because I want to learn a little more but I do have to admit I am impressed by their organization and professionalism.

If you have something you would like to add to my Forex Mentor Pro review please leave your opinions and thoughts below, I would appreciate hearing from some customers with their experiences.

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  1. What are your thoughts about using trend lines to determine the optimal entry and exit level?

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