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Forex Megabot – New Software : See Review

Forex Megabot – New Software : See Review

So the explosion of emails hit our inbox today about this new forex software, with a free signal offer. The prospect of this project looks very strong, and so we are going to look further at Forex Megabot.

This is not the old this is a new system, completely so don’t be confused.

With a webinar on the 27th we are just around the corner of learning all about the forex megabot software.  They have a verified account that has earned nearly 300% in the last year of trading.  This is tremendous and the reason why we are looking into this software further with our forex megabot review.

We have gone into the forex megabot account and verified that it is real.  This is quite interesting, showing a monthly forex gain of around 25%.  The one thing that I am concerned with, which I believe is glaring on their myfxbook account is the fact that open orders are private. We are not going to condemn those over at forex megabot because we do hope that it is a strong system, but for all we know, their could be a whole bunch of open forex trades that are losers.

This is something we will have to investigate more and report back on in this forex megabot review.  As the system is released, this will be a pretty easy process.  I hope I am wrong about these open trades and that we do have a winner on our hands here.  Every other part of the system looks flawless, that is the only issue that I can point out.

At this point in time forex megabot looks like it has a lot of potential.  We believe that if it performs as it does here that we do have a forex winner.

We will be adding more information to the forex megabot review as we move forward.  If you have any information or thoughts on this forex robot please share them below and leave a comment.

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