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forex invest botHey guys, I am back at it again, this time with my review on a new Forex software by a developer I know, Forex Invest Bot.

The developers are the same people who brought us Forex Growth Bot some time ago. When this system first came out I did testing and I was very impressed, I was able to trade using the growth bot for at least a couple months successfully before retiring it.

Eugene L and the Invest Bot team claim that with this new system that they have been able to exploit “automated Forex systems that have raked in over 7,000 pips of real money”. They are selling this new Forex robot $197 on the Click Bank payment processor.

Forex Invest Bot Video

Watch my video about this new Forex software and see my first impressions.

So let me sum up the major points I made in the video. First, I have to give the invest bot some credit as the developers to have a history and are trying to provide us with something of value. Whether this is valuable is another question all together.

I have looked at the results and I have a few points to make. The system has been trading since the beginning of December so it doesn’t have a long track record but it is on a real account with Synergy FX. In it’s first two months it has traded 33 times, it buys more than it sells and trades strictly the EURUSD pair.

This is certainly the type of system I would like to test, here is a look at the equity curve.

forex investing results
The Invest Bot Myfxbook image.


So there is certainly more for us to delve into here but I am going to stop for now.

The Forex Invest Bot looks like it has a lot of potential and if you want to learn more or purchase this system I will approve of that. I would like to test it myself but I think it is worthwhile testing.

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