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Forex Instinct – Membership Program: EA Review

Forex InstinctForex Instinct – Membership Program: EA Review

This is a trading program I am very close to.  This is because they contacted us months ago and so I have had the opportunity to test one of the robots as part of Forex Instinct.

This is a UNIQUE forex trading opportunity to earn money with very low risk.

The developers are a bunch of real traders that know how to make money with Forex Instinct. The program is very different in that there are a large group of people behind the strategy and currency trading software.

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They have very basic forex instinct principles, all which are determined by making money with risk free trades.  All the systems have been optimized for all forex brokers so getting them to work is quick and simple.

The developers and creators of the Forex Instinct membership program create new forex robots and also purchase the rights to other forex trading systems and customize them to fit their risk free forex trading principles.

Results of the Forex Instinct EURUSD M1 Live Account

As you can see the forex trading account started at $1,000 and is now well over $3,000.

I have been in constant contact with their support team and they always respond within a few hours. The entire process is quick and easy, there are great how to videos to set up the forex instinct systems.


We are very happy with the forex instinct membership program, the main system is low risk and they are constantly adding new forex trading robots so you will find one system that will suit your trading style.  I think this is the future of forex trading, these are impeccable strategies, and we are not receiving emails from hundreds of affiliates, this is the real deal.  If you are ready to start winning then you need to check out this forex instinct.

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Forex Instinct

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. M1 is only making 1 or 2 pips these times, but M15 is doing well with hedging, EURUSD is moving fast this week so TP are gained easily.

  2. I have now seen a string of 1-3 pip wins on the M1 EA. Only 1 win greater than that, but no official SL in a week. Last night, trading 0.1 lot on FXOpen, it showed a huge $0.10 win. With a $0.76 commission, that is a LOSS. All the wins so far are worthless, but one. I have yet to see the M5/M15 open a trade on any of three brokers. Will give it the rest of this week to make more progress.

  3. I had my M1 open trade like almost everyday. My last trade was Apr 7 last week. This week Apr 11 and Apr 12 both win. No loss so far. M1 is running fine onInstaForex, FXOpen and IamFX.

  4. I have not seen a trade in almost a week – Apr 5 was last trade. Their live results show the same thing. Do we have another Megadroid here that just trades 3-4 times per month or less???

  5. M1 trade very good using IamFX broker. Enter more trade compare to others

  6. Just wanted to follow up with my last comment. The issue with killing all the memory was solved by some good customer support and is now running fine. The M1 made a good trade last night, had a very good back test and seems to be one that will do very well in this market. I have yet to see the M5/M15 trade in either time frame – the backtest on both M5/M15 were not so good that I saw.

  7. I confirm, it’s a very good EA, M5-M15 is a hedging EA, and it’s strategy works well, you have to work with a broker who allows hedging.
    Waiting for M1 to make a trade, but seems to be promising.

  8. The M1 version brings down my VPS. Seems it takes about 250MB of memory – not sure why – have a support ticket in. It made one trade on a demo account and made a whole dollar last week…..

    The M1 version backtested pretty well and showed gains 48% over the past 8 months with 10% risk. The M5/M15 version has yet to trade (for first 3 days) and had a very poor backtest over the past 8 months, loosing 10% overall. The M1 version may be OK if run by itself or I pay for more memory. The M5/M15 looks unimpressive so far. Will give it this week and see what it does……

    • This should not impact your VPS, we are using this version with no problems. An EA should never use more memory, there must be something in the background running. Try restarting.

  9. I’ve never tried M1 without Trailing Stop. What do you think admin? Is it wise or unwise? I have no problem with M5/M15 and run it live. M1 only manage to get 1 pip win last week and today.

  10. Thanks for the updates Rookie, glad the M5/M15 version is working well for you. Keep it up.

  11. I already get my money back. I bought it for only USD111 with 20% discount and my earning from this EA is USD211. Only 3 days… I wonder how much i will get if i run it from Monday to Friday. Worth to try out this EA.

  12. Wooohooo i really like this EA man. M5 or M15 is the smartest EA with a good pyramiding style trade. Sell close with USD71 – USD10 = USD61 profit. It normal to loss a little when it comes to pyramiding.

  13. Rookie. What broker you are using? I use FXOpen same broker i use on FAPUltra and ForeSteam. 2 days already i’ve won at least USD120 but there is some floating but i’ sure it will close and taking profit.

  14. this is the best EA. it strategy is out of my expection. i won a lot my using M5 or M15 EA so far. now i learn something really good from this EA. i like to test and practise by using manual trade using same strategy.

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