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Forex Income Map – Piet Swart Review

forex income map




Let us take a look at this new forex system, Forex Income Map. This system is a creation of Piet Swart. Swart used to be a farmer. He loved working with nature and farming became his life for 17 years. However, with the changing of times, he had lost everything he had including the farm that was his life’s passion and turned to Forex.

Swart is not afraid to say that the Forex Income Map took him three years to put together. He had his own share of trials and failures and this simply reflects the fact that there is no easy way towards success. There always has to be obstacles so you can totally appreciate the end goal.


To find a good Forex system that works is like finding a needle in a haystack, hopefully Forex Income Map is that needle and I will tell you all about it in this review. There are plenty of options available online which claim that they are the answer to your forex problems. They will promise you a lot of things and then would not be able to deliver in the end. What happens is you end up feeling like everything is a waste and that everything is a scam. Trust me, we know all about this at Forex Robot Nation.

However, not everything is a scam. There are some things that are worth trying. There are some programs that you need to try before you can actually say that it is not a good one, Forex Income Map may be the exception.

Tagline: For The First Time Ever He Will Pull Back The Curtain On The System That Got Him Back Everything He Lost. SMALL TIME FARMER WHO LOST EVERYTHING, and came back with a SIMPLE FOREX SYSTEM. Money is power, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

First Impression

So far, from what I have seen, Forex Income Map looks like a promising system. It has a Facebook page where those who are interested in trading can connect and interact with Swart. Yet, there are no trading results for us to peruse at this point in time.

In a nutshell, you may want to try this system and see if it works for you. Easy steps are given so you can understand how it works. The lessons are easy to grasp and come with good explanations. However, this isn’t a pick up and go solution. It still takes dedication to the whole craft of Forex to reach success.

Please feel free to contribute to this review and let us know what you think and your experiences with the Forex Income Map.

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