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Forex Hidden Code

forex hidden codeForex hidden code is a new trading system designed with meta-trader 4 to spot trends and gain pips. The software comes with custom indicators that help traders analyze trends early so that the software can work with every risk profile possible.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the Forex robot nation community understand the potential this software provides.

Forex Hidden Code Review

The developers of the Forex hidden code believe that they have unlocked the secrets to predicting market conditions with their indicators. As I scroll down the website I see images showing sample trades where this indicator has predicted four trades at over 100 pips each. There are three modules with this $87 software will go over those a little more detail now.

The first Forex hidden code module is an e-book which teaches the system and makes the process as easy as possible. They believe that they have written it so well that even high school students can understand. In this module traders will learn how to use MT4, install the indicators, get an understanding of the strategies and how to determine when to execute and exit trades. The second module is the Forex hidden code video course where traders learn how to do the same things highlighted in the guide but there are 15 video tutorials to help with this for traders that are different types of learners.

The third Forex hidden code module is the custom indicators. This package includes the analyst X indicator, the trend indicator and the stop indicator. Each one of these plays a different role in the overall strategy. Analyst six are used to detect the direction of the market, the trend indicator provides information on the trend direction and the stop indicator provides a built in stoploss.

I won’t be giving the Forex hidden code my recommendation today but I think this is one software we can wait on. I don’t feel there’s a reason for me to buy this software today but I think it’s worthwhile listening to some of the Forex robot nation readers opinions on this. If you use this software please leave your comments about it below. I look forward to hearing about you and hope that you can help us get a little clarity on this new software, the Forex hidden code.

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