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Forex Hedge Ghost

Well there really isn’t anything too scary about this one except maybe the draw down of Forex Hedge Ghost by Igor P.

Again, the developer of this software is not very well known but they are providing some Myfxbook results (or maybe not). Forex Hedge Ghost is an automated Forex robot that costs $99 and is being sold on the RegNow payment processor. The software obviously uses a hedging strategy so it would have to be used on non NFA compliant broker.

I have made a short video about this product so please view it and I will try not to bore you too much.

So, as I elaborate in the video on the supposed results being provided in reference to this Forex software. While at first glance it looked like they had legitimate trading results being hosted on Myfxbook, they clearly did not. Let me show you what they have provided us with, screen shots, and the one screen shot doesn’t look right.

forex hedge ghost
Even the red line looks like a different color red.

All in all, there is really nothing here that I’m overly excited about and I am sure you can tell by the video.

If you think I am wrong or you would like to agree, leave a comment below!

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  1. hi all. im using this robot over 2 weeks on a demo account with 5000$ initial deposit. its made 912$ right now. today i ll install it on my real account with 3000$ real account. i hope it ll make some good $$$ for me like on demo account. i ll let you know about future results again.

  2. This is the chart for Forex Growth Bot on myfxbook. lol Dumbest EA Vendor of the Century

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