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Forex Ghost Trader – David Schwartz Review

forex ghost traderSo today we have Forex Ghost Trader one of the latest and greatest software to be released. But how good is it really? Or is it just another bust? This is what I will be investigating in the latest Forex Robot Nation review series.

Tagline: How does this renegade trader make a huge $1,046,159.90 from one astonishing forex loophole?

Well, I guess this is the first thing we will look to investigate when it comes to Forex Ghost Trader. My first thought when I get on this page is that this software has some sort of relation to a lot of other releases like auto pips, pips whatever etc. There are a few screenshots of monthly analytics, and other Forex Ghost Trader results but no actual results are being presented here sadly.

This is a signal service and this is what Forex Ghost Trader offers:

  • No experience needed to be successful with this Forex system.
  • The account, your account is actually managed by a real trader.
  • Utilizing both personal experience and software to generate only the best signals.
  • Takes little to no time to setup Forex Ghost Trader, really under 30 minutes.
  • Will win for you whether you watch it or not.
  • Guaranteed to earn you income.
Forex Ghost Trader Conclusion
Well it all sounds pretty good. As I mentioned before there are missing results that I would like to see but in order to get the results I want it looks like I will have to try this myself. For some reason I can’t find a email to reach the team at Forex Ghost Trader so if you come across it let me know so I can email them and get myself a version to put in the Best Forex Robot chart.
If you have anything else to add, feel free to leave a comment below.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Yes Roger, 10 times the weekly subscription? Would really like to know who that is.

  2. Hey Roger,
    Whats up??? How is your copier account doing at present?? lets know we are all curious??/ Thanks.

  3. Hi there Roger,
    We at FRN openly share our personal views and experiences, so that others may benefit from them. BANG THE TABLE, DEMAND A BLOODY REFUND FROM them with a copy to ClickBank/Plimus as you are just mnot interested in the product and persist.persist and persist. It has worked for me.
    Further I would be grateful and really appreciate, if you could please send the name of the copier service that is working for you to me at Thanks.

  4. Hi! Listen to my story.

    I paid through paypal on 10th but never ever got the product. I wrote 5 mails to support and there was no answer.

    With this experience and all your comments here I must say that he is not honest guy. Please keep away from this .

    Why do you want pay for the trade copier when you can get it in zulu trade ?. I started this 2 days ago, picked up 8 currency pairs and selected 12 signal provider who are doing well on this currency pairs, lot size 10 cents and 2 trade for each SPs. My demo accumulated with 885 pips in 2 days. If you are interested check it out. Please note I am not affiliate of Zulu trade. This post is only to help others and nothing else.



  5. I’ve had enough of this service. I was hoping live traders would have better sense than to take a bad trade with a turn for the worse from the start, let it go down to a couple of pips from a stop loss, have it come up to very little profit but at least an escape and not take it all while aiming for a 15 pip profit with a 76 pip stop loss, then let it go down to be stopped out. You gotta be kiddin’ me! The little baby advertizing for e-Trade would have better sense, but unfortunately I think he’s still hung up on stocks and hasn’t found the Forex yet. Cancelled it all with Ghost Traders.

  6. Hi Roger,
    My sympathy is with you. Thanks for bringing the dark side to our notice. It has got to such a stage that we dont know who to trust anymore.
    Roger could you let me know which is the other copy trading program that you are haappy with. It would be a great help as we also have been scammed and would like to know which are genuine ones at least. Thanks.

  7. I bought the initail product costing $37, It sounded so good and read heaps of what has since turned out to be hundreds of cloned promotions all over the net saying how good it is as a copy trader, following real traders automatically, and on your own live account.

    I upgraded to the 3 traders and loaded the product. I put the ea on the live account chart, did all the liscencing. All you get on the chart it is loaded on is a note on the chart connected to server and that is all. Even when i unlugged the inetrnet it told me the connection to server was “Normal”!
    In 3 days no trades or anything to say that I am getting trades from 3 so called expert traders of whom there is absolutly no details available.. The liscensing process is confusing. I managed to track down and received 2 website live trade results which does not say live or demo trades,but all were in the negative for aug/sept costong the owners money.

    Even the other automatic self running robots I am running on my same account and same broker I have installed FGT on are giving me good returns.Forex ghost is supposed to be live trading by experienced live professional traders who know what they are doing and know how to give real results and match their promotional material but not one trade has resulted..
    I discovered on my credit card pending payments not yet shown on the online transactions page they have double charged me for the extra 3 live trading traders I have subscribed to.

    There is no phone contact available. At present i am very dissapointed with all the hastles I have had. In comparason with another copy trader I am using, who has from day one done nothing but poured money into my live account This other auto trader shows on the account the live connection, twice a second shows it interogates the originating trader to make sure it opens and closes trades and runs on 8 currency pairs and opens many trades at the one ime with a huge return. .It diaplays all the technical aspects of the connection. all for ! The resurns to date are are 10 x the weekly subscription which is well below the cost of FGT. Copy trading does work. I just wanted this ione as a secondary reliable income stream.

    FGT in coparason tells you nothing on the chart. FGT one is so far has fallen well into the dissapointment bracket as far as my experience and any results is concerned, and maybe their growth is based soley on subscription intake!
    They need to come good.

    Unless it starts to perform in the next couple of days and they get thetheir act together I am going for a full refund with plymus and cancel my credit card number and get a new card which will stop the auto payments. For an expensive $297 per month I expect some real professional results and not just an amateur runarround.

    If they do come good I will redo this comment, tell you how wonderful they really are, and advise you guys that it really does work and worth the effort and cost, but maybe ….but don’t hold your breath!!!!!.

  8. Hey Bob,
    Normally the marketing and payment is done through someone else like Clickbank/Plimus. Therefore it seems to be their fault and not Fx Ghost Traders. You should address this problem to them with copy to Fx Ghost Traders as it is within 30 days. Otherwise you get the run around between the two.
    PSS: You can also truthfully say that the Ghost Traders did it and we will believe you. Ha! Ha! . Lighten up buddy, lifes like that, we are there to help you.

  9. The old saying of sounds too good to be true comes to mind. I know some wealthy people and some traders and robots etc have never been mentioned, these products are for the retail market, the suckers. Financial management is extremely expensive, not always correct but your best chance if you want to secure reliable gains, there are no rewards without risk and the they increase proprtionally, that is the law, period.

  10. Gosh – what a scary story Bob. Thx for the update – I was considering it as well. I might go into my email and make a list of all those recommending this one (main culprits) and block them all for future…. 🙂

  11. Do NOT buy the Forex Ghost Trader!!!!!!!! Yesterday I purchased the $37 per month service and when I got in they had all of these extra upgrades which was an immediate red flag to me. I kept hitting NO, I do not want to purchase the upgrades. I was going to give them a month with the basic program I purchased to prove themselves and if they failed I would cancel the service. This morning when I got up I checked my email and found that they had charged my account not only for the original $37 but also a fee of $1 and $497 for a total of $535 when I had only approved the original $37. I immediatly closed my bank account so that they can make no further charges. My bank has assured me that they can get the money back. I have cancelled the Forex Ghost Trader and have requested the return of all of my money as well. I would highly recommend that nobody purchase this service. If they can’t get their accounting right then how could you trust their trade advice. They are scammers and losers in my book. Bob

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