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Forex Genetic – Next Generation Trading Technology

forex geneticForex Genetic – Next Generation Trading Technology

Hey traders, looking at a new Forex trading system today. I will tell you all I know about Forex Genetic.

Now get ready for windfall profits, shocking gains and days with all new genetic algorithm technology.

I am quite confused about Forex genetic, I find myself looking at this system, reading through all the junk on this page and I can’t even figure out what they are trying to sell. They are being way to ambiguous here, the developers seem to be slanted negatively against Forex robots but then they say their system Forex genetic is set and forget.

There are some Forex genetic results provided but I am not that impressed. It looks like they have just taken images and put a scroll down bar to make it look like they are live. Seems kind of shady.

Lets see if I can provide a little more information on Forex genetic here..

Looks like after reading a little more I find this is a Forex robot after all. Let me say what it provides, with some quotes from the vendor.

  • “Timing” trades with laser precision – and call entries and exits with almost spooky accuracy…
  • Churning through profitable trades on autopilot in any market condition (trending, ranging and in-between)…
  • Making windfall gains (and routinely catching the profit signals others miss entirely) long after most “systems” fall apart.

Now this is currently the information I have on Forex Genetic. Am I excited about this system? Not really, doesn’t really seem like it is that good. If you have any information you would like to add to the Forex genetic review then please do so below.

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  1. Looks like Diesels onto it. He is bang on with his comments.

  2. I saw through this the first time I looked at the site…Diesel is absolutely correct…

  3. Warning. This is a scam. Stay away. It is Forex STF. Exactly the same. The Forex STF web site exactly the same as Forex Genetic. Smae story, same video except the name of the developer have change from Jim Stanford to Ian Harris.

  4. I ran back tests on it for 2009, 2010, 2011. Negative results in all 3 years.

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