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Forex Galactico Review

forex-galacticoForex Galactico is a new automated robot built by an ex-wage slave the claims his software will automatically generate $24,000 in one day. The developer of the software, Andrew Martin, believes that anyone can be an instant success in Forex using his EM/RL technology.

Today I’ll be providing a review and analyzing the software that’s been on the market for some time without a whole lot of attention.

Forex Galactico Review

Andrew tells us that he’s been able to generate a rich and reliable Forex income using the Forex Galactico system starting from a shoestring budget. He feels that it’s very easy for anyone to clone his success from anywhere in the world and more safely than traders ever thought possible. The main element of this strategy is the EM/RL technology. This stands for expectation maximize Asian and reinforcement learning. Expectation maximization is a way that this system spots hidden trends that are too obscure for even the smartest traders. The reinforcement learning is what happens when artificial intelligence is able to watch elements that humans can’t even spot once.

Using these elements Andrew believes that his Forex Galactico is the best automated trading solution on the market. While the strategy sounds impressive and technological there is very little data to actually back this up. We see a handful of screenshots that clearly show cherry picked trades and trading weeks. There is no live or demo account running the software which means it’s not ready yet to be purchased.

I can’t recommend the Forex Galactico until Andrew Martin takes a step in the 2015 and starts running some trading accounts we can actually verify. Any system can win 12 trades in a row. You can back test the system for 10 years and just take 12 winning trades in a row. This easily could be what’s being done here because we don’t actually see the dates for the prices, we just see numbers that don’t reflect the long-term strategy. If Andrew wants my $100 is going to have to provide me with more than just a couple screenshots of back tests. Please let me know what you think about the system whether you’ve used it or not, I appreciate your feedback.


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