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EA Review: Forex Fury


Forex Fury is the future of automated trading. I’ve been running Forex Robot Nation for over 10 years now and I can honestly say that I am blown away by this EA. I have been developing, using and testing it for years, and the results are tremendous.

Taking the #1 spot this is currently the best Forex robot on the market, and nobody else comes close.

Today I will be providing a full review of my robot and telling you what you can expect from this tested and true winning machine.

  • 100% Verified Live Myfxbook Accounts
  • Over $100,000 in Live Vendor Accounts
  • 93% Winning Percentage
  • Up to 10 Trades Per Day
  • Launched in 2015
  • Over 9,700 Members (Over 13,000 Accounts)

There is nothing this EA can’t do. It is truly the best software I have ever used do to it’s stable growth and aggressive trading plan. I believe that Forex Fury will be the #1 automated system in my arsenal for the rest of my life.

I will be providing a 15% Coupon for the next few days to celebrate the release of the latest version.

To avoid any confusion, I am the owner and main creator of the Forex Fury project.


Forex Fury Review

Forex Fury is a 100% hands off Forex trading EA. On the front page of the web-site you can find real Myfxbook verified trading accounts to see the capabilities of the robot.

I have been waiting for an EA of this magnitude for years now and in order to find it, I had to put together a team and build it myself. If you’ve been a reader of the Forex Robot Nation blog you know that I’m very critical and rarely ever have my expectations met by any software.

That’s why this is such a big deal.

I have gone through every single line of code, analyzed the strategy, tested the strategy and there is no doubt in my mind that this will be bringing us impressive gains for years to come.

Sometimes if you want to get something right, you have to do it yourself, and that’s exactly what I did. I have access to the best coders, minds, analysts, and traders in the market, so I leveraged all of them to help me with the Fury project.

Before getting into too much detail, let me introduce you to the verified trading results.

Forex Fury Verified Results

Here you can find real live Forex Fury myfxbook accounts. The system takes trades every single day and can be modified to fit your trading goals.

Check out the Fury accounts below. There are many more on the website too, including live verified client accounts.


15 Year Backtest Results


All the myfxbook accounts are clickable so you can view all the accounts in detail. The system opens a maximum of 7 trades at a time (on default settings) and doesn’t hold trades open for long periods of time. The strategy is very effective at getting in and out of the markets efficiently and quickly.

The strategy is an advanced, time restricted scalper that runs on the M15 timeframe and any pair or asset.

Fury is easy to install and run for any level of trader and consistently exceeds my profit expectations.

24K in a Month with Forex Fury

There are many ways to use Forex Fury.

In this video, I show a live account where I made over $24,000 in a single month using this robot. With a tool this powerful, the opportunities are limitless, but it’s obviously a good idea to understand how it all works. Watch here to learn more:

2022 Update (7 Years Later)

I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years, since the original launch of the Forex Fury software. Honestly, the reputation of the software speaks for itself, and so do the over 1000 comments below this review, which makes the update a bit redundant, but I still think it’s important to let you know that it’s still consistently winning trades.

One of the main notable differences that has come to fruition in the past few years, is the EA’s ability to adapt to new currency pairs. When the software was first released it traded the GBPUSD pair exclusively. Yet, with regular free updates for all members, the system has continued to improve, and is now capable of trading EURUSD, USDCHF, AUDJPY, AUDUSD, XAUUSD, USDCAD and many more.

Version 3

The most recent update is to Forex Fury version 3. With this update we provided traders with a few new features and some basic market updates to keep up with current conditions. These are the new features:

  • Range Filter

The range filter is proving to be a solid addition to the software. Historically, the Forex Fury EA performs best in ranging market conditions. So, in utilizing the ADX indicator, we’ve been able to reduce the potential of trading in trending market conditions. Many traders have successfully been doing this on their own manually, and this now automates that process.

In the image above, you can see how the ADX can successfully determine ranging market conditions, which are perfect for picking up quick winning trades. This will lower the frequency of trades when active as it will look to filter out all trades during trending markets.

  • One Set of Trades Per Day

It’s difficult to decide which is my favorite Forex Fury V3 feature, but it’s definitely between the One Set, and the Range filter. In many cases, I’ve started to use them both in my trading accounts.

The one Set of Trades Per Day feature simply stops the robot from trading twice in the same period. Our team, and many of our clients found that the software would try to open a second set of trades immediately after closing the first set to try and squeeze out extra wins while the filters were all met. The success rate of the second set of trades was found to be significantly lower, so this feature allows for the robot to avoid taking that additional risk.

Version 4

The Forex Fury V4 Update is now live. This new version of the software is already performing incredibly well on live trading accounts, and comes with a bunch of new features that make it even more profitable than ever before.

Now that you see the profitability, let’s take a closer look at the features.

  • Dynamic Retrace

The dynamic retrace feature is a new stop loss. If you don’t like the normal stop loss, or trailing stop loss, this may be the solution for you. This new stop loss uses a take profit modification deep in trades in order to avoid losing more than you should.

  • Martingale

In order to recover losses easier, a new martingale strategy is now an option. This feature will increase the size of trades after a loss in order to recover faster. With a high win rate, this is a very valuable addition. Again, if you don’t want to use this feature, you can disable it.

  • Long and Shorts Only

If you want Fury to exclusively trade shorts, or longs only, this is now available in the latest version. This is not required though, as it can be enabled and disabled as you see fit.

Version 5

The version 5 update is active, and undergoing testing.

To download this version, simply go to the members area and try the V5 Beta.

This version will provide new solid features:

  • Market updates
  • News filter
  • Trend filter
  • Hard SL/TP (not hidden)

These are just a few of the new features to look forward to as the Fury project continues to develop.

What are Real Clients Saying?

Well, you can scroll down to see the comments, but it’s important to know that there are many independent review sites, as well as real clients that are rating the Fury robot a 5/5 star product. Here are some of those reviews for you to analyze, and trust:

With over 100 Trustpilot Forex Fury reviews, the software is rated 4.6/5. I like this platform because traders have to prove that they are actually clients in order to verify their orders. This does well at stopping competitors from leaving fake negative reviews.

This recent Trustpilot review shows the experience of a member that’s been with us for over a year and a half. I’m happy to see that the support team is still very responsive, as we are all very invested in the success of each trader.

SiteJabber has Forex Fury at a 4.59/5 star rating with 91 reviews. This is another platform that requires traders to prove they’ve used the software, which makes the reviews more valuable.

This recent Sitejabber review is from a newer client that feels the robot is a perfect compliment to his manual trading approach.

This does not mean that every client of ours is going to be happy. There are negative reviews, and there are traders that this trading style simply doesn’t fit with. That being said, we answer all our emails, all our critics and continue to get better.

As it stands right now, approximately 10% of the Fury clients upgrade to a Diamond license, which means that they want to run the software on an additional live account. This is the best proof that the software is viable for those clients, as they want more profits and are willing to run multiple live accounts with the expert advisor. While the number isn’t as high, after 2 licenses, there are over 50 clients running more than 3 live licenses.

Forex Fury Conclusion


Forex Fury is the best EA to hit the market in years. I have total faith that this software is going to be reliable for years to come.

I am ready and willing to put my reputation on the line, I believe in it that much.

So, if you want to take part in the official launch you can grab your 15% coupon.

It is time to take your trading to the next level.

Join Fury, and join the over 2500 clients running this robot on their trading accounts every single day.

V4 Coupon now available (15% off): Fury15

Forex Fury $229.99
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


A very effective trading robot built with the clients needs at heart. Trades are entered and exited quickly, keeping drawdowns low and profits high. This is the #1 robot on the market for results, and popularity. It has been for multiple years.

Comments Rating 4.7 (20 reviews)


Verified results Proven strategy Great customer feedback Free settings Frequent upgrades


Over $200 Infrequent trades

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their investment goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Can author/editor/admin – who is someone I feel I can trust after reading this site for months – post whether he is getting good results today Long with most recommended pairs and settings and any management sop to be followed….Fred turn off for big news or only run mon-thu or whatever the sop is? Updated my book also really appreciated but that would not be needed I trust this site.

    • Hi Jhonny, I am having good results, yes. I am happy with the cycle strategy in recent days. Take 9-10 demo accounts, you can run default settings 1 pair on each, or you can adjust the settings. Often I increase the SL to let the trades breathe more. Sometimes I will test different times as well. Then, when an account is obviously on a hot streak, you can cycle that trade approach / setup into the live account. Don’t get discouraged. It’s a tool, if you put the time and effort in learning how to use it properly, you will do well.

  2. If the trades are only taken for one hour during the day, why does mt4/fury have to be running for 24 hours daily ?

    • Hi Dave, it doesn’t. When the trades are completed for the day, you can turn it off until the next day. Computers have been built to stay on 24 hours a day for more than 10 years now though, so you can certainly leave it on without any issues.

      • Oh I see. More specifically I was trying to understand since the original trading hours are set between 4-5pm EST, does the EA need to be turned on outside of those hours? Besides when its in the middle of a trade

  3. Does this Ea work best on a Ecn account?

    • Hi Robert, yes, with a low spread.

    • Hi, i bought forex fury a few days ago. I have spent hours trying to start my back test. My access is granted already after following their instructions. However, when i start my testing, “access is denied” appears on my EURUSD chart. Hopefully someone here can help. I have been emailing the support team back and forth… but still cant find a solution.

      • Sounds like you aren’t entering your username in the strategy test parameters. If you provide images to support with each step, they will resolve any problem quickly.

        • Am i right to say that if i set a 1 hr trading time for eg. 1700-1800, its normal that some trade positions are only closed like the next day at 0200hr? I dont understand doesnt this EA adopt scalping strategy, it shouldnt hold overnight positions?

          • Hi Charles, it will always hold positions until they are finished. Usually this will be quick, but there will be rare cases where they are not.

          • Thanks for your reply. But it’s happening to both of my EURUSD live tests today. It opened 6 trades at the last minute of my 1hr trading time limit and the positions still remain open now. is this an anomaly?

          • The EA will take trades when opportunities are available. If you don’t want it to trade near the end of the hour you can limit that by changing the time settings.

          • Hi, understand that this strategy doesn’t require a computer to be running majority of the day. Since i live in Asia, it will be difficult to trade during the recommended timings. Would you recommend i get a VPS? I read that EA doesnt run when a computer is in sleep mode. Are there more cost efficient ways? Thank you.

          • Hi Charles, I would just leave the computer on, that’s what I do.

  4. Signed up 3 weeks ago, and already loving Fury.

    Best experience with a robot so far!

  5. How do I open additional Demo accounts with my Broker for testing? I would like to test one pair per Demo account.

  6. muhammed suphi avfizade

    i am trying to buy but the discount coupon is not working
    can you advice please

  7. Has anyone tested the new v2 trailing stop options? How is it going? Can anyone share a strategy?

    I am testing standard TS as suggested by FF Team, but some of the trades have been “aborted” too early, it has cutted off my profits more than giving me some more. I tried to push the bar up to 5 pips for the first TS, but didn’t help much either.

    • Hi Marcus, it’s really too early to say at this point. I’m happy they provided us with the trailing stop in V2, but I’m unsure if I’ll use it in the long term. I need at least 3-4 more months to really get a handle on this new feature.

    • I think the trailing stop is killing it in moving markets, to me its a great improvement and its good to have it but i will keep on emphasizing on hedging feature if this can be provided forex fury will keep killing it more than ever and this can help us keep our gains.

    • Yes, i have been testing the trailing stop and i think its a good option to have and this can be used during moving market section and from my little testing experience it seems not working fine during the quit hour of the day but it does work pretty well on moving markets. but trailing is a good option to have and we hope to test it further and utilise it for many years to come. Besides, based on my testing experience so far i will implore the FF team to try and adopt hedging feature with the current strategy on FF and this will work for both quiet and moving market sections and fury will keeping getting more pips and secure any gains made so far if hedge is adopted. cheers

  8. Hello!
    Do you recommand a specific broker for canadians if you had to pick one with Forex Fury?
    Thank you!

    • Generally, your best bet is to find a low spread broker, and one that you prefer. The members area offers good suggestions, or you can trade demo while you find one that really suits you. That’s our recommendation.

      • Hello admin, i Live in California, USA, and my broker is IG. I would like to trade during London open, so what time should I set in my EA? Thank you.

        • hi Timothy, do FF work well with IG broker? hows your experience so far?

        • Hi,I am new to trading and I just like to get Forex fury robot to initiate my trades.I am thinking of renting a VPS server from Meta4 as well.But reading though this enlightening comments,it seems like there are some parameters I need to set.Kindly advise me.

  9. Just insatlled the FF about yesterday, got the notification Wait for 48-72 hours for trade in demo account.
    No VPS for this demo trial yet, is it a normal?
    Anyone have the same issue?

  10. Hi

    I am interested to buy, seem it is not really plug and play for beginner (I am trying to add my portfolio in forex trading) who no experienced with forex trading as well as any EA.
    I read need 2-3 months do the demo to find best pairs as refer FF for success guidance.
    Anyone use the FF with as default setting & if the result as expected profit?
    Thank you for sharig.

  11. Hello All,

    I share my wins
    Team #USDJPY


      • Hello Jeff is not a lose – 0.44 is win trade because spread and comission with usdcad are high is raised at that time =)

        But with usdjpy no lose actualy and i use default setting tp 4 stop loss 29
        usdjpy is good because the spread are very very low for good profit

        sorry for my bad english

    • Hello Steve, I have seen your trades, I have a question, Are you running FF with default setting? Because your biggest lose was -1.5 pip, and the stop lost in default setting is 29pip, then how did you get that stop default setting, other setting or you stop it manually?

  12. Been running fury on EURUSD pair and it giving amazing result with 3 pip TP and 29SL and the time settings i use it to trade is between 23gmt to 18gmt, however there is little challenges when it comes to losses, one loss tend to wipe out all the gains of the day and it usually lost once a day or some times no lost in a day but it captures several winnings and a lost or two losses wipes the gain off. In my opinion and observation, i think we can avoid losing any trades we have won if we have something like hedging included in fury where it will take trade in opposite direction incase a trade goes wrong or go beyond a set pips to take opposit trade, so with that it will recover the trade that goes in opposite direction. I have been testing fury to trade in different time frame and i find it so amazing to trade and capture winning during this period, so thats the only challenges i have spotted.

    TP 3
    SL 29
    TIme: 23GMT – 18GMT

    Other users can demo this and comment their result

    • One question, if the TP is in 3, does the commission charge you? what broker you use, in my case I am using ECN from LiteForex.

      • I use fxtm and ecn account is better, when trading during this time it captures many winnings by trailing and some loses as well but overall you are likely to end of with small gain at the end of the day or sometimes with lost. So i think hedge will work pretty good with FF strategy.

    • Hi
      Do you mean 23GMT-18GMT is your STT at 23:00:00 & ETT at 18:00:00?
      For how many trade is your trade setting?

      • Yes please and number of trade you want it to take depends on your balance and the total lot size per circle of trades.

  13. Loving Fury V2!

    Signed up with this EA 2 years ago, and it’s been my best investment in Forex still to this day.

    • Hello, my name is Rurick, a few days ago I bought EA ForexFury and I am putting it to work on my VPS, I am following the instructions and we will see how it works. I hope results, since I read all this website and all kinds of comments, and so far is on track.
      If you do not understand what I’m saying, a thousand apologies I’m using a translator, since I’m from Peru: D
      If someone is already getting results, I ask for support. Greetings. cordial, soon I will be publishing the results. Greetings from Peru.

  14. Hi, I see the EA defaults are 7 simultaneous trades per pair. Does anyone recommend this vs 1 trade but with bigger lot size?

  15. Hi all, any comments on the v2? seems like the trailing set up will be a killer on the long run if more than half of the trade will be 0-1pips? (by the swap and commission) it will be ideal if there were no such cost to factor in.

    • Yes, this really gives us the opportunity to test some larger trades, and run even more tests than before. We’re really excited about it at FRN, and will look to put some more accounts up testing the trailing feature ASAP.

  16. Hi,

    I am thinking of Buying ForexFury, unfortunately, cannot find the discount code you mention of 15%.

    Please advice


  17. Hello to All

    I am using fury since 3 weeks and the performance is very good. I think a very important point is to calculate the profit of a winning trade on Wednesdays. My broker ICMarkets charges 3 times the swap rate on that day. For example USDJPY short 1 lot winning trade will give you 1.34$ profit, EURUSD long will be 7.36$ and these amounts includes the 7$ commission.. So on Wednesday except AUDUSD I go long or short only on other pairs.

  18. iqbal malik baihaqqi

    can this EA work on balance under 500$?

  19. Any broker to recommend for the use of this scalping EA? IS IC market or pepperstone good enough?

  20. hello i just wanted to ask quick question why is the trading time is only 1 hour? is it cant work more than 1 hour a day? and also why this selected time what is the strategy

  21. I have noticed that all the published results on myfxbook stopped abruptly at the end of February. Did something go wrong?

  22. The Forex Fury isn’t running. I’ve changed the settings various times but it still doesn’t run. I’ve contacted there support but they still haven’t replied. Does this software still work?

    • Hi Chris, Fury replies to all emails very quickly. Try checking your junk mail, as these are Forex emails, they often go there. You can see the software works in all the trading accounts on the website, and in all the recent comments here.

      • Ok. Do you know how to run multiple accounts at the same time?

        • Hi Chris, you have unlimited demo accounts. So you can install multiple instances of MT4. Most clients will run 5-15 demos, pick the pairs / settings they like and then go live while continuing their tests. It’s a great way to profit.

          • I’m using PaxForex as my broker and downloaded their MT4 on my computer. It seems that I can only run one MT4 on my computer at a time as I tried to run another one but it doesn’t work. How can I run multiple MT4 on my computer? Please help.

          • When installing MT4, click additional options, and change the installation folder each time, or else it is just installing to the same folder every time.

          • Hi Chris,

            I’m an IT support as well as I play in the forex broker. I have Pax Forex, OANDA and I had the same issue before. The problem is not the MT4 platform. The problem is the Net Framing, while is running multiple advisors ( which I believe most of us do that ) , so once the MT4 are running, it tends to shut down PaxForex. And that is because the net framing sends the signal and the encryption of the EA fails to run. This is only because we are running more than one platform. Besides the platforms we run other applications such as Internet, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop or any other device in our PC. I added more memory to my SFF Desktop to 16gb and SSD drive. This helps a lot, and runs in better shape.

            Happy trading.

  23. Hi Everyone
    I have been running fury since nov 2018 on demo to test it out and on various settings, finally I went live on 5/3/19 running multiple pairs on one account and now a nice profit aswell (profit 34%, DD15%). Thanks to the Fury team, I have tried quiet a few EA’s with little success until Fury came along. I see people regularly asking about settings so I thought I wouls share mine. Pairs are AUDUSD, AUDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF & USDJPY. TP29, SL5 trading time is default 1hr and times for me in UK 22:00 – 22:59. I run one total lot. It calculates autolots depending on available balance which is set at 8%. The only downside I’m seeing at present is with the time we trade at and the swap files involved which can be quiet high in relation the trade size reducing profit, I’d be interested on other peoples comments on this

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you for sharing your settings. Although I would asked some more questions if you do not mind:
      The spreads in the time period of 22:00 – 22:59 UK time are usually horribly high. Which broker do you trade at, since I think you get reasonable spreads during at that time?
      How big was your starting balance approximately that you are able to trade 1 full lot on 7 pairs?

      • Hi Chris
        My broker is ICMarkets and yes spread is not that good fury doesn’t run on default, at present I have spread set to 15 but I suspect thats a bit high but the profits are still coming in £130 sofar this week and I don’t trade fridays either. My opening balance was just over £700. GBPUSD has not been performing that well for me generating the most SL so I’m gonna stop that pair for a while with all thats going on in UK at present

    • Thanks Paul for sharing. I just bought Fury yesterday and I am excited to get started. Would you (or any other members) have any guidance regarding the minimum account balance you would recommend I start with in my live account? Is it possible for start with a $5k account, or do you think a $25k account is needed to properly run Fury? Thx!

    • Hi Paul, thank you for sharing your settings. May I ask how you’re still doing with these settings? And can you confirm your UK trading times as 23.00-00.00 hrs? The reason I ask is that the markets currently close at 21.00hrs GMT which I believe is the ForeXFury default setting. Just to confirm also, when you say “available balance”, do you mean your “RiskPerCyclePercentage” setting in the EA?
      Thank you:)

    • Hi Paul, thanks for your settings, so you run 6 or 7 pairs on one account? And it works well? It says on the fury page they recommend one pair only

  24. Dear sir , my GBPUSD max spread is 12 Points , so how can i change ”MaxSpread” at EA’s Setting ? Default is 2.5 & should i delete & need to set 12 ?

  25. Hi FRN Team, greeting from Indonesia.

    I’ve been subscribed to this website for only 1 week and want to buy Fury. About 4-5 years ago, i bought FAP Turbo combined with FXChoice broker, never find the guide to the best setup, and after spent around $400 capital, I quit. I wish I found this website earlier.

    I’ve checked your recommendation to use FXOpen and Interserver as VPS, but the don’t know where to start. Do you have any article or guidance, step by step tutorial to open until running live account?
    I ask this, because I already confused, what type of FXOpen MT4 platform should I download and use, ECN or Micro? I planned to start with $200.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. Hello Admin, My fury has stopped trading for almost 2 weeks now and i am sure all the settings are perfect and accurate. I can see few other people are also facing the same issue and i think and update needs to be run on fury for more way to pick trade because it get annoying when your EA dont trade for almost 2 weeks. Reply awaited.

    • It’s not an issue. The EA has been very smart, avoiding some bad market conditions on a few of the pairs. This is extremely rare, but possible. In cases like these you can always run other accounts / pairs / settings if you are in a position where you need trades. That being said, don’t trade out of need or impatience, it is not the way to success.

  27. Over a year with Fury now.

    Took me a bit to figure it out (you know, due to my advanced age) but I’ve been winning with it now for quite some time. Patience was important for me, and the support was good too.

  28. Hi FRN , I have achieved a good result with Fury before April. After the summer time, Fury doesn’t make any trade . My time setting is 19 to 21 PMT. Can you advise?

  29. Can anyone provide information about setting Fury for GMT +3 for the following pair? GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD, AUDJPY

  30. Hi I have been sitting the ea on demo for about three days , it did not open any positions for USDJPY, icmarkets spreads is 0-1 and max positions set to 1 , the time is sit correctly gmt+3 so 23:00 to 23:59 , can some one help me here ?

    • Follow the FAQ, install the spread indicator in the FAQ. It’s probably spread, takes 5 minutes to resolve.

    • Hi Alshamli
      I am with ICmarkets aswell and I had exactly the same issue when I started, at those trading hrs ICMarkets spreads open up, increase your spread setting and trading will start

  31. I just want to give a big thanks to FRN and everyone who’s been writing here.

    After reading the comments for over a year and following the progress of Fury I finally decided to sign up 3 months ago.

    Since, I have gone from a successful demo, to a successful live account, which has made me over $1500 so far. May not seem like a lot to most traders, but it’s made a great deal of difference in my life.

    It’s been a long journey to get here, but now that I have, I am very thankful.

    So thanks everyone again!

    • That’s wonderful to hear Hannah.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Hannah, how are things going this April of 2019? Anyone know where others are actively hanging out talking about this robot? Besides here obviously. (Kinda hard to thread discuss here, is all.)

    • Hey how much capital did you start with? How much pairs you ran the EA on and did you change the default settings?

      • It doesn’t take much capitol really. I personally am testing several accounts with just $1,000 and my live account has the same amount.

        One thing to note is that the demo account EAs trade much higher lot sizes than a live account. For example, all my demo accounts of $1,000 open trades around 0.12 + but my live account sticks more to the “risk per cycle” I set, which is 20%. So my live account is opening trades around 0.06 give or take. Support said every single demo account does this even with the new V2 update. (yes it has taken trades already).

    • What was the basic deposit you have made to start live account ?

  32. Does anyone know how the money management feature works
    How does the money management portion of the program work?
    Useincrementallotsize is set to true
    Riskpercyclepercentage is set to 20
    Account size is $10,000
    Leverage is 1:50
    The program tried to buy 6.9 lots which resulted in an error from the broker of “not enough money”
    How do I get the money management to work properly?
    The answer I got from support was to just set my own lot size and not use the money management feature!

    • Are you sure that’s what they told you? Generally they will give two ways to approach the money management. Either set your risk lower, or disable it. Those are your options.

  33. HI there
    I have a question

    My broker is thinkmarkets
    I have an standerd accound there
    I just have deposid a 1000 euro this week
    I use the gbpsusd m15chart 1 trade at the time

    On my demo account i got nice signals
    But on my live account i havnt got any signal yet

    they told me to increase my maxspread
    so i started from 2.5 to 2.6…..2.7……2.8….2.9….ON AND ON and now i am on 7.4
    and i havent got my first signals yett 🙁
    do i need to keep searching like that? for my live account?

    this is like new for me
    I dont have the knowledge or the expertise for this

    can u Admin or/and the poeple guide me trough this?

    I dontknow how big the maxspreads is gonna be
    or share ur maxspread for me?
    I know its diffrent from evreyone but
    But i need an vision like that OOOOOOOOOOOO MOMENT

    LIKE OOOO!!!! (0.0) like that !!!
    On ur live account ok?





    • Hi Ritchie, they would have told you to install the spread indicator. Then, the indicator will tell you what your spread is and you can adjust your max spread accordingly. You aren’t meant to guess. Just set the max spread based on the indicator and you’ll be set. It should only take 2-3 minutes to do.

    • Hi richie
      My broker is ICMarkets and I run live account with max spread of 15

  34. Hello friends, is this EA still profitable? An important question for me is: “Can I run this EA on a Metaquotes VPS? The background of the question is whether” DLL Import “must be enabled for this EA to perform its service? Metaquotes allows this setting on their servers Not.

    • Hi Heiner, you can see in all the results here that it is profitable. DLL imports are required, as the vendor can modify trades / market conditions via the DLL in real time.

      • OK. Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately I can not use my usual VPS environment. How do the other users do it? Which VPS do you use for this EA?

        • There is a VPS provider in the members area. It really doesn’t require a VPS though, as the trade windows are quite short, so the PC can even be turned off the majority of each day.

        • Hi
          I used interserve which is the one listed in memebers area, it works well compared to others I’ve tried. So much so I now run 3 slices

    • Hi Heiner
      Fury is definetly still profitable, I ran on demo for a couple of months with profit and went live 5/4/19 and my profit gain sofar has been 34%

  35. Just started my journey with Fury last week, and I’m very excited because all I’ve seen is wins so far.

    I setup 3 demos on my computer, with 1 pair each. USDPY, EURUSD, and USDCHF.

    I like USDJPY so far the most.

    I haven’t played around with any other settings yet, but I’ll probably increase the SL at some point because I like to have my scalper traders run longer.

  36. Hi all,

    quick tip for the beginners. I don’t necessarily care about a few dollars lost, so I tested the Fury on a live account. With running out of time towards the end of the week, i set the time from 00:00 to 23:59. And it did start trading immediately after the initial set up. And yes, as mentioned by the admin team the robot did struggle to make a profit. Most of the trades were negative. Will test it further in a down time market. Hope that turns the tides in my favor.

    Question: what broker do you recommend for the US users? The broker I have now does not allow multiple trades to be closed randomly as they violate the FIFO rule. So I have to run only one trade per currency pair. Usually the last trade that is opened turns positive the first and can’t be closed due to the FIFO rule. So by the time the first open trade turns positive, all other end up being in negative. It’s a disaster in making.

    Any recommendation to solve this.? Is anyone else running into the same problem?
    Any US brokers with FIFO rule not followed? I assume not, cause we in US are special and our gov will do anything to stop you from getting a break from financial struggles.


    • Hi Bob, I definitely recommend trading 1 hour at a time. The entire strategy is built around short trading periods of ranging market conditions. As you can see by the positive results had by the majority of Fury clients commenting here.

      As for FIFO, just set maxorders to 1 and you’re set. Fury is FIFO compliant, with this single setting change.

      • (1st week review) I purchased Fury and have installed it exactly the way the video coached me to, I had two winning days then it didn’t trade for two days, it then traded on Friday but because the EA settings are to be traded between 4-5 est I’m assuming the market closed with open trades and when the market opened today I had a $1,496 loss. Not feeling to great about that. Should We not trade on Friday’s if it’s going to trade an hour before close?


        • Hi Sean, most brokers aren’t open past 4pm on Fridays, so most traders don’t have to turn trading off on Fridays. In your case, I certainly recommend turning Fridays off, as your broker seems to run late.

        • Hi Sean
          I use ICMarkets and don’t trade on fridays for that exact reason, whilst running it on demo I saw a shift on sunday night startup on a few occasions

      • Does anyone have experience with / running Fury?
        I am running Fury on PaxForex with success, but I am in the US and it looks like that is the only Broker?

        • Hi Walter,

          I have PaxForex and I don’t have Fury Forex yet ( budget low ) . But I would like to know if you are getting a good profit and what pairs are you running? I have too, and I would like to know if it would work too since the leverage is 1:50.

          • with 1.0 contract cost you $6,500 margin, which means you need $10K to run it.
            I only run GBPUSD….all original out of the box.
            Same with PaxForex. The only change on PaxForex is that I turn off on Friday (or my timing is wrong, as I had a couple of times trades over the weekend).
            If you understand trading you can see how Fury trades, and it makes totally sense. I am on Demo until I figure out a way to deposit at PaxForex.

        • Hi Walter,
          What do you mean by “If you understand trading you can see how Fury trades, and it makes totally sense” ???
          I know it looks for ranging conditions, but apart that…?
          Thank you for informing,

  37. Hello, is there anyone using the robot in Italy?
    How do currency pairs fit those suggested on the producer page?
    Thank you.

    • Since this EA has been running now for many years, why does the Administrator keep saying to “try different pairs and settings” to get better results?? Certainly by now, the Administrator know which pairs turn the most profit with the least draw-downs and what settings to use. I look forward to the Administrator’s reply.

    • I am in Italy.

      I like USDJPY and EURUSD. I try to stick to the pairs with the lowest spread, as that’s where I have the most success.

      I have a strategy where I run 15 pairs, and set max spread to 1.5. So they rarely trade, but when it does, it wins easily.

  38. Hi. Is any one from the UK here using this EA presently (Feb 2019). I’m struggling a little to replicate the trades this ForexFury demo account is taking. I think my start trade times and end trade times are a little off. Have the UK folks put the start time as of 22:00 or 23:00? Judging by the times the demo account below is opening and closing trades, it looks like 22:00 is the correct start time? Help appreciated… Many thanks

    • Hi NA, yes, if you want to follow that account, you will have to set your account to same time that it’s trading. The support team would be more than helpful in assisting you with this.

      • How do I get to use the robot? Do I need a broker? And connect to mt platform sorry I’m new to this but interesting and I only trade on Etoro or tradefred thanks in advance

        • Hi Louise, you purchase the software from the Fury website. Everything you need, including broker can be found in the members area. Your current brokers likely won’t work, as the broker needs to be MT4 compatible.

      • Ive done this but it closes at different times, is it because my computer is off at midnight

    • Follow the new success guide on the Fury blog:

      It’s simple to throw up a few accounts, find out which one works best and then take it live.

      Easy process, that I’ve been using for a year and a half to profit.

      I have 6 live Fury licenses and I’ll probably be adding more as I continue to find more settings to use.

      • Hi Cesar,

        Thanks for the link 🙂

        Quick question… Have you given USDJPY a go by any chance? If so, What settings have worked well for you?

        Many thanks

    • Yes I’m from uk aswell and I use Icmarkets there on GMT+2 so my start time is 22:00. I had same issue of no trading spreads were beyond set limits so I’ve increased that parameter and it trades ok now

      • Hello Paul. Hope you’re well. As a fellow UK user, I thought you might be able to shed some light on current predicament. I’ve had no trades placed by Forex Fury on my USDJPY account for the last 10 days or so. The only setting I’ve changed is the GMT offset to +2 as IC Markets informed me of that since our clocks went back on 31st March. Just wondering if you’re having similar experiences, and if you’ve found a workaround or some tips. Help would be much appreciated. Many thanks 🙂

  39. Hi. I’m looking at using this ea. I’m based in London and it looks like this places trades from 9pm GMT to 10pm GMT.

    Only problem is that here in the UK, regardless of which broker is used, the spreads are widened hugely at 10pm GMT and do not stabilise till about 11pm GMT. As such I never open or close a trade during 10pm GMT to 11pm GMT

    With that in mind, I wonder if that’s going to have an effect on the effectiveness and profitability of this EA?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    • Hi Nurul, if a specific hour doesn’t work for you due to your broker conditions, then you can certainly test a different hour. Fury provides unlimited demo accounts so you can run many different hours, to see which you prefer.

  40. Did any of you use it? how did you find yourself? is it profitable? if someone wants to share with me I will be very able, obviously paying let me know

    • Hi Daniele, I’ve been using Fury for 2 years successfully. It is very profitable.

      I find it’s easy to test new settings with the unlimited demo accounts, and then run them on my live accounts after.

      Very easy and good.

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