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Forex Fortune Signal – Scam? : Check Review

Forex Fortune Signal – Scam? : Check Review

As we go on their site we see the usual writing on the wall, easy quick consistent daily forex profits.  Sounds good but we will see if this is a scam in our review and tell you all you need to know about Forex Fortune Signal.

We started to looking at some other forex review sites and none of them say anything yet.

We will see if we can get some actual forex fortune signal information.  So what we have seen so far is some indian man in a gym and by the pool.  While it first it may seem like he is rich, that is probably the gym and pool at his condo complex which you can see in the background.

That doesn’t mean that forex fortune signal is not a good program, it just means that I hate watching these videos.  He goes on and tells us some story about some guy who is going to provide us with his forex signals, and we can have a wonderful lifestyle.  This indian guy is a terrible presenter and I really can’t watch anymore of this video.

This is a signal service, we will get more information about the forex fortune signal and update this review and let you know if there is a scam.  There is really nothing on the web site yet, he just sells himself and says that he will be able to provide nothing but winning trades for you.

If you have any information about the forex fortune signal then please leave a comment below and add to the discussion.

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  1. I H ave got his signals on the 20th of june so far not to good the winners are small loser are alot more pips

  2. Just finished one month of subscription and today got the recurring payment deduction. The first week was very good, but the overall result of first month was a loss of more than 90 pips! I will wait for this month to see the performance… and to overcome the disappointment… Average profit making trades are 10-25 pips, and average loss 35-45 pips…

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