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Forex Flex EA

Forex Flex EA is a Forex robot using a proprietary technology their developers call virtual trades. This technology opens trades in the background and uses them as a way to monitor current market conditions. This expert advisor is one of the longest running automated services in the market, and there’s good reason for that. As, it’s one of the best robots available, thanks to consistent updates, and immaculate coding.

The creator of the service is a talented coder that goes by the name “Admin Steve” in the Flex member forums. His knowledge of automated software is second to none, as he’s been producing products in this market for over 10 years. I appreciate that his main focus is on quality, and that he lets the work speak for itself.

To get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website, or utilize the members area forum.

Today I will be providing a complete review, and giving the Forex Robot Nation readers an area to talk about this software moving forward.


Forex Flex EA Review

The Forex Flex EA robot is an outstanding automated trading opportunity. Available since 2012, this expert advisor continues to grow, and provide traders with many different ways of increasing their trading accounts. Whether you are a low risk, medium risk or even high risk trader, there are settings available that will suit your expectations.

This development team feels that updating settings regularly is imperative to the long-term growth of any trading account, and so it’s a big part of their trading process.

The list above is just a small amount of the settings and different strategies available for clients to download in the members area forum. Each of the settings generally comes with a Myfxbook account next to the setting, to show the potential returns.

This is a great way to show clients exactly what each setting is capable of doing. That way, clients can decide which setting they want to use based on the likely performance results and trade approach provided. This approach is transparent, which is key when it comes to the long term viability of a trading software.

Forex Flex EA Features

I focused on the settings in the first section, because that’s such an important part of the Forex Flex EA experience, but there’s more to the robot. Here are a handful of the features that make the expert advisor incredibly profitable as we approach 2022:

  • NFA and FIFO compatible
  • Free members area forum
  • Compatible with all MT4/MT5 brokers
  • Regular updates to the EA & the settings
  • Proprietary news filter
  • 12 selectable trading strategies
  • Trade any style
  • Built-in money management
  • Works on any currency pair / asset

There are a few obvious standouts from the list. I appreciate the proprietary news filter, because they developed it from scratch, and it works well with multiple strategies they offer. It’s also worth noting that the robot comes programmed with 12 different trading strategies to choose from. This may seem daunting at first, but you can easily work through each strategy, and decide which fits your trade approach best or even run multiple demo accounts to help your decision.

Trading Strategy

It’s really difficult to discuss the Forex Flex EA trading strategy, because there are just so many. In looking at the screenshot I provided earlier of the settings, you can see that the software can be utilized in many different ways. Many of the strategies are a combination of multiple approaches too, so you can’t always pin point just a single methodology.

No matter what you are looking for, you will likely be able to find a strategy that fits. To note just a few, they provide grid, half-grid, high risk, trend surfing, tdi cross, custom tdi, adr dynamic, stochastic grid and more.

Many of these strategies are labeled based on what Forex indicator they are using to help determine the overall approach. These indicators are obviously used in conjunction with their robot though, so they are quite complex, and not something you will be able to recreate by using the indicator on its own.

Flex EA Myfxbook Accounts (Results)

All that really matters when it comes to the Forex Flex EA, or any other robot is the performance. How a robot gets their results is important too, but to me, I only really care about the end result.

If an expert advisor is viable, then the developer should be able to prove that with active Myfxbook trading accounts. The Flex EA team meet this expectation, as they always keep their results up to date.

In the image provided, you can see multiple results categories on the front page of the website. They provide Myfxbook accounts for three new verified trading strategies, and then have a live trading results section showing just their customer accounts. This way, potential clients can see the robot working as it should for other clients already running it on their trading accounts.

The majority of the of the Forex Flex EA trading accounts show very consistent gains. The drawdowns fluctuate, and can get high on certain accounts, but the developers are forward and transparent about this in their trading strategies. If you want a low risk approach, they have slow n steady set files that can be used, but personally, I prefer their high risk settings.

In most cases when using this robot, I prefer to test the boundaries of the software, and push the limits. In many cases, I will risk my account over a short period in an attempt to grow it quickly and then withdraw my earnings.

Forex Flex EA Backtesting

Here we can see a couple back tests using different pairs. The modeling quality here is 99%. While I don’t really have much interest in backtesting 2022, I’ll still leave this here for those that do find value in it.

forex flex ea backtesting


For traders interested in the Forex Flex EA robot, it’s currently ranging in price from $400-$594. These prices are subject to change, so please leave a comment if you see any price adjustments that I need to make to this review.

forex flex ea pricing

All of the packages come with unlimited demo accounts, all strategies, all set files, and full access to the private members only forums. Both the MT4 & MT5 1 live license packages go for $400. The third package goes for $594, and provides 2 live licenses, access to both MT4/MT5 versions and a bonus, which is their “Correlated Hedge EA.”

If you start with either $400 plan, you can easily upgrade and add licenses in the members area. Payments can be made via PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit Card, Bankwire, Skrill and more.


Probably my favorite addition to the Forex Flex EA membership is the members only forum started in 2017. Yes, it’s been around for a few years now, but it’s certainly an important aspect of the offer. This area gives traders the ability to discuss the software, share their results and trading strategies.

It’s very active, with nearly 2000 threads and well over 15,000 posts from their clients.

Forex Flex EA Conclusion

While I haven’t tested Flex as frequently in 2022, I do still believe in this project.

I know I should probably do an update video, but I’m so busy with other projects right now. If you want to see an update video, tell me by leaving a comment below and then if there’s enough interest I’ll give you a full analysis.

After many years of service, Forex Flex EA is consistently one of my favorite expert advisors in the market. With frequent updates, optimized settings, proven trading results and a members area forum, this is a sustainable trading robot.

This is a robot that I use on my personal trading accounts, which is you can find it ranked highly on the best Forex robot testing page.

This page will act as a place for people to leave comments and opinions about the Forex Flex EA so please scroll down and let me know what you think.

Forex Flex EA $400
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Forex Flex EA is a long running Forex robot that recently added a forum just for their clients.

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