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Forex Executor – MT4 Trading Software Review

forex executorForex Executor – MT4 Trading Software Review

This is not the same software known as the forex executor pro.  Keep that in mind, that this is a new mt4 forex trading software that has never been downloaded.

This is how everyone who is forex trading should be making their money, no losses.

There is very little available about the forex executor software so far, but we will let all you traders know the details that have been made available to the forex market thus far.

First there is the auto executor software.

  • The team of forex traders will execute trades on their mt4 trading platform then as a subscriber you have the opportunity to duplicate the forex executor trade and set a money management based on your personal risk profile.
  • Their team is managed and monitored 24 hours a day by their forex traders to ensure there are strong trades.  You have to be aware that the trade could differ from forex executor considering your broker and trading platform.
  • They do say though that you are looking at 99% identical trades with the forex executor metrader 4 trading software.

There is a myfxbook forex trading result page set up, so you can go check out and see how this system is trading thus far.  The results have been up since early February.

If you have any information you would like to add to this review about forex executor then leave a comment below.  We are anticipating a forex launch date on the 5th of April.  If you are looking for the best forex robot on the market right now then check out our top 3 list.  There are quite a few people excited about this forex software so we will do everything we can to get you more information.

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forex executor

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  1. I’ve been subscribing since last month. They have many trading systems available for binding (max 5). The most promising is the Hercules Trading System, although monthly return is not much at around 7%, but it is quite steady. Its MT4i is: I’ve also tried its Titan & Zeus Trading Systems but not so satisfied, so I bind my account to its Hercules Trading System only. Still considering whether to keep it or refund.

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