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Forex Earth Robot Review

forex-earth-robotForex Earth Robot is a new automated trading solutions that is focused on selling real solutions and not inflated promises. Their goal is to help trader achieve systematic profits every month by multiplying each clients hard-earned money consistently and over the long term.

Today I will be taking a look at version three of this robot and reviewing what it has to offer and if the Forex Robot Nation members should consider adding it to their trading arsenals.

Forex Earth Robot Review

The third version of the Forex Earth Robot is determined to improve their risk/reward ratio while maintaining long term profits. They have built the latest version of their strategy to make traders feel more comfortable with the system. In the past their win/lose ratio was not very effective but they have done their best to make sure that traders are no longer afraid of losing. The software is FIFO compatible, provides a high win percentage, a low drawdown, it’s easy to install and they do have a handful of myfxbook accounts.

The reviews online about the Forex Earth Robot are not all favorable though. There are quite a few traders that claim that this system is actually the Last X Bar EA by funyoo which can be found online for free. According to these traders they have compared the code of the two systems and they are identical. I have not seen this myself but it is certainly a red flag. Considering this system has been around since 2013 it is revealing that the software only has results from the beginning of October 2015. I feel like should at least have one year of results not just a few months. If they put the software our in 2013 and there are no long term results I have to assume that the system has not performed well up until October and that would lead me to believe that their could be another impending drawdown on the way.

I won’t be recommending Forex Earth Robot until some of these issues are clarified. I would like to hear from some of the traders claiming that this software is stolen and if it is then we can easily just use the free version from funyoo in our tests. I will update this post when there is more information and in the mean time I urge you all to leave comments and reviews of this system. Thanks for coming to Forex Robot Nation and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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