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Forex Currency Club

forex currency club

Forex Currency Club is a new signal service using trend indicators and exotic strategies. I decided to provide a review to look at the potential of this new service and find out if it’s worth the time Forex robot nation users.

FX Currency Club Details

So let me get right into it. One thing I do like about this product immediately is that the developer Ben Harper doesn’t provide think screenshots or promise guaranteed riches. The Forex currency club seems to be a little more refined and down-to-earth than most of the shiny product come out in the Forex market.

Ben says that “Forex trading has made many people wealthy in life. But if you want to become a millionaire in a month by investing a few hundred dollars, then my service is not for you…you’d better to turn to gambling!”

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This is always a good statement to make as I find a lot of the emails I get here Forex robot nation are from people that are trying to make millions of dollars in short periods of time. This same type of attitude is often with its traders in trouble and these types of traders are usually the big losers at the end of the day or the end of the month.

What You Get

Forex Currency Club trading signals copied to mt4 on autopilot.
Using trending strategies and indicators.
Provides money management and risk management guidance.
A strong risk to reward ratio.

There are three FX Currency Club packages to choose from and they are all monthly charges.

Package 1, you get trades for two currency pairs.
Package 2, you get trades for four currency pairs.
Package 3, you get trades from all assets.

FX Currency Club Conclusion

While I certainly like the Forex currency club approach I am not 100% sold on the service. As this has just been released I think it’s a good idea to sit back and see if the product sinks or swims.

If you do test the software please leave some comments on this page so the other Forex robot nation users that are interested can learn from their experience. Please let me know if you need any assistance with your Forex trading I’m always available to talk about Forex currency club or anything else.

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  1. I have tested the FCC_Comprehensive, and it is not recommended, it runs at a loss ratio of 3:1

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