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forex cowbotForex CowBot is a new automated Forex robot being provided by Rita Lasker. She claims that this is the worlds first organic Forex robot, I have no idea what that means or why that’s something I would need but I will take the time to review this software today.

Here you’ll be able to find information about this new product and comments from other Forex robot nation readers with their thoughts.

Forex CowBot Review

It is clear that Rita Lasker’s marketing technique is getting stranger with each new product as she claims that this Forex Cowbot was nominated for the best organic software award. There is no reference after this to what she means by organic or pair this award can be found but it is very silly.

Moving on, the main principle of this new software is to make more pips and take less trades. The Forex cowbot will trade just two pairs (EURUSD,USDJPY) on the H4 timeframe. Really claims that the software trades steadily and can earn up to $9500 after installing it once. Again, this leads me to be a little confused. I’m not sure why she says the software can earn up to $9500 from one install because this doesn’t take into account any period of time. Like any other robot I would imagine if the software rated for 10 years it could make more than $9500.

The Forex cowbot has results from the end of February to March 21 so the time period is not very long and we can’t really trust this image. These results are using a very large lot size and account balance so it likely doesn’t show the results you would be getting or the average trader would be getting with their $2-$3000 account.

forex cowbot results


Going to see if I could get my hands on a copy of the Forex cowbot and until I do I am not going to recommend this software to Forex robot nation readers. I believe that Rita Lasker’s track record as of late has been very dodgy and she cannot be trusted like to used. I think we have to approach this software very carefully and watch to see if other Forex traders can have success with before we start spend our money.

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