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Forex Champion 2015

Forex champion robot 2015Forex champion robot is being touted by the developers of the best expert advisor in the market that only takes 10 minutes to start winning. In back-to-back lines they have stop wasting money on quick rich schemes and right underneath that is the taglines know trading experience needed and you can start the profit right now which is contradictory.

Today I’ll be providing review and try to find out if this is some sort of the scheme or not because it seems like the developers aren’t sure.

Forex Champion Robot Review

The Forex champion robot is an automated trading solution. The developers of the system believe that it has the ability to give stable positive results in any market conditions. They truly believe that this can be used on live accounts without any worries because they have very low drawdowns. There is a video on the front page of the website which shows a back test in action. This back test is only showing a 2 month period of trading so my opinion is not really forming one way or another from such a small sample size. Part of me wonders why they even show 2 months. I question whether or not this system had a total breakdown in a 3 month back test.

As I scroll down a little further I see some more back tests with some better results. We see here that the Forex champion robot has had some pretty strong equity curves in longer back testing scenarios. My only main concern here is that some of the profit margins are quite small for the amount of trading and the lot size is being traded. I’m also worried about the fact that the back testing quality is only 90% so this is not truly accurate either.

I will not be recommending the Forex champion 2015 robot to any of the Forex robot nation readers at this point in time. I am reserving my judgment until I have tested the software myself or heard from some of the reputable Forex robot nation contributors. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts. I am always looking to hear from people in the Forex community so feel free to click contact the top of the page and send me an email at any time.

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