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Forex Cash Master Review

forex-cash-masterForex Cash Master is a new automated trading robot by Alex Tanuka. Alex believes that his new generation of software, taking advantage of vip innovational technologies has the potential to make almost $20,000 per month. The developers claim that this is the “most demanded and long-awaited product ever.” Can’t say I agree with that sentiment.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software and going over Alex’s experience in the Forex development market.

Forex Cash Master Review

The Forex cash master is the latest in the long line of trading systems Alex has developed in Singapore. The CEO of Forex Pacific Inc has released a handful of automated trading solutions over the past 24 months but none of them have ever met my expectations. Much like Rita Lasker, Alex releases systems every 2-3 months but always misses the most important element, results. No matter how many systems these two provide they won’t seem to bend to the requirements of the public, real trading results. Instead we see the classic one month backtest and have to use this to make up our minds about the software. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news here, but there’s a reason these systems don’t work live, because they aren’t tested enough in this format.

We can see on the site there are a bunch of screen shots that show the Forex cash master working in very limited time periods. Sadly, this is not enough of a sample size for us to trust, and it doesn’t warrant us spending our money. The software works on the EURUSD, GBPUSD on the H1 timeframe. There is a new cash controller autosystem, a smart trailing switcher, and a handful of other features that sound impressive but are unproven.

I won’t be recommending Forex cash master to the readers here at Forex Robot Nation. I feel that Alex, and other developers like him need to start meeting the needs of the Forex community. When there are transparent systems like Forex Fury on the market, there is really no reason for us to waste our time with anything else. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your questions below the article now. Thanks for coming to Forex Robot Nation and I hope that the articles here help you grow your accounts and make the smart trading decisions. Come back again soon or send me a personal email by clicking contact at the top of the page.

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  1. i almost bought it, good thing i came across your review first, and of course if there are no live forward test results DO NOT BUY IT.

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