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Forex Blue Box – Rita Lasker

forex blue box

Rita has a new one, Forex Blue Box, I will let you know all the details about this new trading system. Rita generally does a pretty good job with her software. Not all are winners but all utilize new technologies and use unique strategies.

The main feature of it is RELIABILITY and sharp market fluctuations RESISTANCE.

According to preliminary results the Forex blue box has won 74% of the signals. They created the system with small draw downs as the main point of influence. So users can actually start with deposits as low as $300-500.

Here are some of the main details about the Forex robot you would like to see:

forex blue box

They point out that Forex blue box can be paid off with just 3-4 winning trades. Lets take a look at the back test results that have been provided thus far.

resultsThis is just a screenshot, hopefully Forex blue box will be adding some more results for us to see soon. As soon as the system is released I will be getting the software and adding it to our Best Forex Robot tests page.

I will be adding more information about Forex blue box as soon as it is released. If you have any information you would like to add to the Forex blue box review then feel free to leave a comment below.

The system looks pretty good at first glance. Rita generally puts out some pretty good Forex systems so I do hope that this one comes through like the others have in the past. As I mentioned our testing on this system will start soon.

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  1. I’ve been using BlueBox since it was released and it has done very well. Doesn’t trade each pair everyday but most days it does trade and very good results. Low risk too. Well done Rita & team

  2. I got very little going on using bluebox on alpari uk, but on i’m up 59%

  3. Hi,

    I have had excellent results so far. 5 days 5 winning trades…

  4. I have this “BlueBox” from release at 4/8 but the results are not so good so far
    6 days of running it perform -46.4 pips, (minus) on a real account with micro lots…
    Two pairs traded EURUSD and EURCHF
    EURUSD no enter 5 days in a row total result +12.9 pips (manual trade)
    EURCHF no enter 3days, total result -59.3 pip
    This shows how difficult the forex market are and a system witch looks good and predictible have also its weak points. But who knows the results might be better later on.

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