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Forex Blade LLC Review (University & EA)

Forex Blade LLC is a new developer in the Forex marketplace providing their clients with an expert advisor, and a training program. They believe that knowledge is power, so they want to help traders and enhance their trading skills quickly. The group promises zero fluff in the course, a reliable strategy and 1-on-1 calls to help traders in becoming profitable. Today we will be providing a review, analyzing the services, and letting you know if this is a worthwhile investment.

The service is run by Andrew Narouz, Waqas Zafar, Martin Contreras and Dylan Draxten. The creator of the service Narouz started demo trading 5 years ago when he was just 16. A couple of years into this trading career he turned a $2,000 deposit into $80,000, enough to pay “four years of college tuition.” We would love to see proof of this gain, as it’s such an important part of his story. Outside of the “about the team” page on the website these traders have very little reputation in the Forex market. This green group of traders do seem feisty and interested in winning, but without a reputation we are going to need to see ample verified proof.

The company headquarters are located at 3898 Silver Spur Drive York, Pennsylvania. This appears to be a residence in a suburb next to an elementary school. Thus, the team is all likely working remotely. In order to get in touch with support traders can fill out a contact form on the website.


Forex Blade Review

The Forex Blade website doesn’t offer up the best first impression. The composition is a bit disjointed, the images are lackluster and one of the image links is broken. With four members on the team, there should never be a broken image on the front page of their website. They have more than enough man power to make sure that small errors like this can always be avoided.

As a group, their promise to provide the community with “transparency and authenticity.” They feel that this in conjunction with their high level of support makes for a very reliable service.

Currently, the Blade team offer three different services. Their premium Forex signals, Forex expert advisor and Forex trading course. Now, we will analyze each of these services.

Premium Forex Signals

The Forex Blade LLC signal service provides traders with real time alerts for $100/month. This is certainly a high price to pay, considering most Forex signal services are half that or lower.

All they tell us about the signal service is that they provide access to a mastermind group, and that traders can pick and choose between multiple signal providers.

They do not provide any trading results, or real detail about this service.

Forex Expert Advisor

As for their automated robot, the FX Blade team offers a 14 day trial so traders can get their feet wet. Traders can use the software during this period on both live and demo accounts.

As for the robot itself, the vendors claim that it’s programmed by the best programmers in the world, able to adapt to volatile market conditions. They also mention real trading results, real clients and “pure transparency.” Yet, we don’t really see any sign of verified trading results anywhere. Without this, they won’t be considered for best Forex robot status any time soon.

The explanation of all of the services seems incomplete. Despite promises of transparency, there are no trading results made available. On top of this, after the 14 days the price is outrageous, as they charge $499/month or $4999 per year for access. It’s really difficult to understand how they are charging so much for a license given that they don’t provide any trading results.

Forex Blade University

The last service provided by this group is their Forex Blade University package. This goes for $250, and provides traders with a single 30 minute coaching session, easy to advanced lessons and a free hoodie. They also make mention of certifying their clients but we aren’t sure what certification this would be, and they have not proven to be professional traders.

The course curriculum is made up of 7 chapters, here they are:

  1. Introduction (welcoming clients)
  2. Beginner Level (what is Forex, why trade Forex etc.)
  3. Intermediate Level (Forex brokers, how to open an account)
  4. Expert Level (Trading strategies, indicators, patterns, mentality, bollinger bands)
  5. Trainings (Different courses provided by other traders)
  6. Best Selling Forex Books
  7. Strategy in Action (Market breakdowns from 12/22/2018 1/13/2019)

The course seems basic, and they don’t seem to be actively producing the strategy in action videos they promise, as the last one was in 2019.


Our first impression of the FX Blade services isn’t very positive. They don’t provide any real proof or transparency, but charge exorbitant prices. Before providing any type of recommendation we will need to see much more from this vendor. Obviously, this is just a first impression so there is a lot of growing for this company to do, and we hope that they will do it.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments below the article now. We look forward to hearing from you.

Forex Blade LLC $250-$5000
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


Forex Blade LLC provides expert advisors, Forex courses and trading signals. At this point, we are looking for more information about the services, and to see some trading results.

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1-on-1 training
3 services available
Team introductions


No verified trading results
Little reputation in the market
Limited strategy insight

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