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Forex Black Book Review

forex black bookToday I am going over Dustin Pass’ recent release, this is my full review on Forex Black Book as I look at the software in detail.

I have not posted until today because up until this point the information has mostly been frivolous in regards to this new Forex system but now I have a better idea of how it works. Dustin Pass’ new Forex system is mostly training based with five different modules and a handful of bonuses.

If you pay then you can play.

My Thoughts

The black book costs $1,997 or a 3 pay plan that will cost you even more. This is a serious investment so I want to make sure that you have all the details before you consider making a purchase.

I have created a video for you to take a look at here with my review on the black book so check it out below.

Now, for those that didn’t watch the video and those that did I will go into some more specifics and lay out what you get with this purchase. Let me take a look at the modules.

Module 1

This is your basic introduction to the Forex market. Dustin says “my trading strategy is so easy, that you don’t have to know much about Forex to implement it.” So in this section he goes over how to use charts, terminology and an overview of the market itself.

Module 2

This is where the Forex Black Book starts to focus on defining the goals of the trader. How to profit and the fundamentals of long term success. In specific, they say they “want to make sure you understand how to trade.” Dustin plans on teaching you this by showing you how to identify support and resistance, trend lines, use fibonacci and to understand current market conditions.

Module 3

This is a more technical section of the program that teaches users how to use Metatrader. To me and most traders, especially those that use automated software like us at Forex Robot Nation this is an extremely simple section. Dustin will teach users how to install it, use templates and execute trades.

Module 4

This section teaches users how to use an indicator. This is another simple step as they teach users how to manage trades, use the tradefinder, note the signals and interpret when to trade utilizing the software.

Module 5

This is labeled the personal trading plan. Here Dustin teaches traders how to create a Forex blue print, prepare for trades and execute them properly.


Forex Black Book Conclusion

What is the bottom line? Well, the software is extremely expensive and that has to be taken into consideration. If you have this type of money and you are looking for thorough education then this software will provide you with what you are looking for.

If you don’t have the money don’t buy it, if you do, and you are interested then I recommend you test it out.

Leave any comments you may have below and good black book

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