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Forex Auto Scaler Review

Hey guys, today I am reviewing a new trading software called Forex Auto Scaler by Jeffrey Harbin.

This MT4 based trading software places trades automatically after you place your original trade and it will auto scale so if you have a winning trade this will continue on that trades success. Forex Auto Scaler is by a trader and developer that we have never heard of before but this system certainly seems interesting for those of you that are manual traders looking for a new tool.

forex auto scaler

Jeffrey is also known for his product Forex Scalping X a handful of custom indicators. I have not had experience with this past product and there are very few reviews about it as well so this won’t give us any sort of indication.

So really if you are interested in Forex AutoScaler try and see what the Forex Robot Nation users think before you give it a shot.

Not going to bother with a video today so just leave some comments if you have anything you would like to add about this one. The software looks okay for a manual trader looking to test out a new technique. If that is you then feel free to go ahead and check it out.

Forex Auto Scaler Comments

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  1. The opening page promoted the Auto Scaler…..and that is what I want. But on the next screen it’s just fury and something else. Please send me a copy of the Scaler…. Thank you

  2. not forgetting the magic number for forex steam must be the same as that of auto scaler. forex can be profitable

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